Softimage XSI EXP for Half-Life 2

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Softimage XSI EXP for Half-Life 2

Call me a nostalgic fool but as I was digging through some of my old Modding tools i came accross one I hadnt seen before, Sadly it was a little before my time. Nonetheless it got me excited. Softimage XSI EXP (Experience) for Half-Life 2.

It is basically the origin of the Softimage Mod Tool. You see, Valve, Softimage and ATi were good buddies back in the day and strived to push the boundaries of not only the game engine but also the tools used to create content.

Since then we have seen many tools released that greatly ease the ability of mod authors getting content in the Source Engine. To Name a few we have the WallWorm 3dsMax plugin, the Maya Mesa Plugin, the Blender Source Tools, Modo Indie and of course the last good version of the Softimage Mod Tool (7.5).

Why bother even bring this up you ask?

Well I just think its really cool to have a copy of XSI that was pretty much solely dedicated to Half-Life 2. During the installation you see the following splash screens.

On program startup you see this

The about section looks like this

It has built in SMD Export tools (which require activation, see below).

And a really nice Netview Interface geared towards Half-Life 2 Mod Development.

After this version the ModTool was born and Valve distributed the XSI Source Tools as an xsiaddon.
There were also 4 Tutorials created by Valve artists & engineers at the time covering how XSI EXP integrates with the Source SDK.
You can download the videos through the following links. Part1, Part2, Part3 & Part4.

I was not aware that at the time the Valve source tools (at least the SMD Export function) was serial locked. You had to register for a free unlock key to enable the SMD export function. In the latest versions of the addon this requirement has been removed. Since Autodesk bought Softimage and then killed it… you had no option for unlocking the SMD export feature in any of these earlier tools. until now 🙂

Thanks to some help from Ollydbg, IDA and x64dbg we figured out some keys for you to use if you ever felt like using these older versions of the ModTool with their Valve Source Addons.

You can download Softimage EXP for Half-Life 2 here.

You can use the following to unlock the SMD Exporter:

As I mentioned before after that version Valve released their tools as an addon for the XSI Modtool.

You can download Softimage Mod Tool 4.2 here.
The addons which are compatible for this can be found here.

And the key you can use for both v4 plugins is as follows:

There was a version of the Valve Source addon geared towards version 5.11 of Softimage which seems to have only been released commercially.

You can get that plugin here. I have no idea if it is locked or not as I dont have softimage 5.11 🙁

After that the next Mod Tool (version 6 and 6.1) integrated the Valve Source Addon with netview and was directly geared towards those wanting to mod with the Source SDK Content.
This is one of my favaorite versions of Softimage simply for how well the tools and netview integrate with the sdk_content and the Noesis Interactive tutorials. That said the next ModTool (7.5) was considerably more stable and feature rich as it didnt contain as many of the limitations earlier versions of ModTool were crippled by.

Here is Mod Tool 6’s Netview integration for the Source SDK.

You can download Version 6.0 here and version 6.01 here.
The addon is can be downloaded here.

The final version of the ModTool to be released was 7.5 which used the same addon as 6.
Unfortunately netview was not as well integrated as in version 6.

You can download version 7.5 here.
The addon can be found here and again does not require that the SMD Export be unlocked.

Thats pretty much it, I just wanted to have something here for those who are still interested in modding Half-Life with XSI.

Note: I have no idea how compatible these programs are with windows 10. I think windows 7 is mostly compatibile with XP being the Operating system they were originally developed for. Take with a pinch of salt.

As the software in question is both free and techincally classified as abandonware the keys i provided above are legally O.K to distribute and use. They could have been obtained originally for free if you registered with softimage and since this service no longer exists I provide them as a service to the community. If anyone from Autodesk or Valve dispute this get in contact with me here

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