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WIP stuff

So from the spoils of the 'Understanding how to import new assets' thread which I posted on the Source > Modeling sub-forum on this site, I have started with a simple situation based pipe model that folds around a wall.

The white interior is just there to act as a 'frame', which I imported into Blender from some utility tunnels I was meddling with in Hammer.

I'm about halfway done with the collision model, afterwards I will import the pipe array back into Hammer for use in a scene 🙂

Feel free to use this thread (that goes for anyone) to show various WIPs that you've been doing 🙂

That looks really neat! good stuff.

Cheers Foo ?

Now I've almost finished this vertical pipe bracket;

Edit: Here are some of those assets in a map.

The texture on the pipe is a stock Half-Life 2 asset, though I've fitted it to those pipe models, also with some Russian labeling on one variation of the pipe. 😛

Nice, This looks really sweet! typical of the style i would expect of HL2 😀

Thanks Foo 🙂 If so then that's good 😛

And here's some wooden doors I finished the other day.

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