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Why Half-Life 3 will happen..

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Why Half-Life 3 will happen..

It seems the pot has been well and truly stirred this week, at least for fans of Half-Life, the franchise which bears so much meaning to many of us. An article published over at Game Informer seems to have (whether intentionally or not) shattered the hopes and dreams of the very many fans longing for a continuation or finale to the series.

The article is well written and comes from a highly regarded journalist within the gaming community. Some have pointed out that the interviewee on which the piece was based may have been fabricated to create a sensationalist story and ruffle some feathers on the way. Personally if I worked for VALVe and were willing to speak about matters concerning the elusive HL3 I too would like to preserve my career. I believe that this is in fact an interview with an actual VALVe employee who is also a fan of the series and undoubtedly frustrated and saddened by the state of affairs surrounding a sequel to Episode 2.

Just because VALVe are (allegedly) not working on it right now or have no immediate plans to, doesn’t mean that the game will never re-enter development again or be released to see the light of day. The expectations Valve put on themselves let alone what is expected by the fans is an Everest of a task but certainly not impossible nor improbable.

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