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Half-Life: Alyx is Now Available   It’s here. Half-Life: Alyx, Valve’s long-awaited return to the Half-Life series, is NOW AVAILABLE to play. Compatible with all...

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The Half-Life: Alyx Workshop is now open.   Half-Life: Alyx has been updated to include Steam Workshop support. This includes a beta release of our community development tools,...

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Gabe Newell and Robin Walker interview with IGN discussing Half-Life: Alyx, VR and Valve’s Future (in BCI nonetheless)   Watch

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Half-Life: Alyx will preload for owners on Friday 20th March with the game releasing at 10am Pacific Time   Read on

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Half-Life Fan Remake Black Mesa Finally Fully Released After 14 years of development the fanmade interpretation of Half-Life 1 is released.   Read on

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Valve Index Kits which had been sold out since the Half-Life: Alyx Announcement go on pre-order again today. The batch is sold within 24 Hours.   Read on

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Valve release 2 Steam VR Home environments based on areas from Half-Life: Alyx for users who already own an Index. Russell’s Lab and a section of City 17 are available to preview.   Read...

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