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Official twitter for L4DOfficial twitter for L4D
Half-Life WikiAnother great wiki covering Half-Life
SteamDBRecords all changes to steams games and products
NetdayMap hosting site including but not limited to Valve Games
Half-Life 2The Official Half-Life 2 Website
Vanilla Capsuledecent pipe tutorial for Hammer
The Orange BoxThe Official Orange Box Website
Weapons of Half-Life 2Weapons of Half-Life 2
ContaminatedDefacto place for everything half-life around its release. Closed only to re-open as Planet Half-life.
isolated-design.deA good resource for GoldSrc modding tutorials
Left 4 DeadThe Official Left 4 Dead Website
Map CoreLegendary Half-life Based Mapping Resource with a Vibrant community
Half-Life WikiEncyclopedia of Half-Life
Day of Defeat WikiEncyclopedia of Day of Defeat
Thinking with PortalsThe Official Portal Website
Half-Life ArrangementFew small tutorials for Source
HL2SpainSpanish site covering everything Source
Mr Funeral ModsTalented Source Modder with good quality Tutorials
InterlopersHL2 News, Tutorials and forum with a thriving community
Left 4 Dead WikiEncyclopedia of Left 4 Dead
Petes PlaceOld coding tutorials
The Mighty AtomGreat little selection of some of the harder to find resources on Half-life
Official twitter for DOTA2Official twitter for DOTA2
Weapons of Left 4 DeadWeapons of Left 4 Dead
ModMaticMod review site from the developer of Minerva
Botmans BotsDecent starting point for modding the SDK
HalfLife.netAnother Half-Life website from back in the day
Weapons of Day of DefeatWeapons of Day of Defeat
Half-Life Editing ResourceSimilar to VERC, decent collection of tutorials here as well as downloads
TWHLSource, GoldSrc tutorials, active forums, friendly community
Half-Life Nostalgia ProjectCollection of screens and info prior to the release of Half-Life. another victim to gamespys untimely demise.
Mods InsideRussian Mod community providing forums, files and reviews.
The FixxxerGood collection of coding tutorials here
RadiumOld Map rating and review site
tophattwaffleExcellent tutorials on Source mapping
Run Think Shoot LiveA great community website for all things valve related. Focused on mods, tutorials and the expression of the community. Previously known as Planet Phillip.
HL ImprovementThriving Modding Community
Counter MapUseful maps and Tutorials for CS 1.6 and CS:S
Half-Life LibraryThis site focuses more on user generated content like custom maps, modifications, videos, models, clans and more for all of Valve's games.
WallwormModeling tools for Max
Counter Server MapsAnother unfortunately dead resource that supplied plenty of downloads and tutorials
Sven Co-opGreat website with a very active community for the Sven Coop Mod
The Razzer TutorialsTutorials for Source mapping (Deutsch)
Counter Strike WikiEncyclopedia of Counter Strike
Plague FestGreat mapping and modding community
Half-Life.orgSome interesting articles to read here
Weapons of Half-LifeWeapons of Half-Life
Weapons of Day of Defeat: SourceWeapons of Day of Defeat: Source
SlackillerTutorials, textures and maps for Source
Weapons of InsurgencyWeapons of Insurgency
Official twitter for TF2Official twitter for TF2
KV File GeneratorOnline tool that automatically generates a formatted .kv file based on your selection for CS:GO
Modding AreaGreat French community for Modding resources.
Appalachian Killing GroundsOld site with large collection of tutorials
Background RadiationUnfortunately dead, this site provided prefabs back in the day
Half-Life FalloutOne of the better communities for Half-life content
Half-Life CreationsUseful Community for modding tutorials
Half-Life FusionFrench site dedicated to Half-Life
Weapons of Insurgency 2Weapons of Insurgency 2
Ask YahnQuestions put to Valve Employee Yahn Bernier
Mapping BaseGreat German community for Mapping resources.
Official twitter for CS:GOOfficial twitter for CS:GO
nextwishOld site with useful info on modding for GoldSrc
FacepunchGreat website with plenty of tutorials many of which focus on Garry’s mod but none the less a very useful website
No DrawGreat Blog detailing concepts when it comes to TF2 map creation
Arbitrary ImpositionSite dedicated to the Gman and his sightings
gamewagLinks to plenty of mapping and modding tutorials based on Source
modsentryGreat resource covering popular game mods
MaxofS2DGifted movie maker and modeler who worked extensively with Source...
A Working PigHalf-Life 2 Deathmatch maps and utilities
The Weapons Workshopprovided downloads to Hl Models.
VERCVERC Collective (Valve Editing Resource Center) website no longer exists but can be traversed on the wayback machine, Predecessor to VDC
HL2 CodingProgramming Tutorials for HL2
half-life.ruActive Russian Modding Community
Game EditFew small tutorials on HL1 mapping
Handy VandalDecent oldschool resource for half-life modding
Weapons of Black MesaWeapons of Black Mesa
Half-Life Physics ReferenceThe Half-Life Physics Reference is a wonderful site with un-official documentation on the GoldSrc Engine.
Combine OverWikiComprehensive information on Half-life and Portal
Half-Life SDK2 ResourcesGood site for getting up and running with the old SDK
CeskemodyCzech Modding site with both GoldSrc and Source Content
Weapons of Team Fortress 2Weapons of Team Fortress 2
Half-Life ComicComical take on the Half-Life Universe
Left 4 Dead 2The Official Left 4 Dead 2 Website
hldsOfficial mailing for Half-Life Dedicated Servers Prefabshosted multitudes of prefabs for half-life
Half-Life PortalGerman site covering Valves games
SRCDSSource Dedicated server resource
HL2DBAnother lost site that had some promise back in the day.
Halflife2.filefrontHuge collection of downloads for Half Life and Source
Weapons of Counter-StrikeWeapons of Counter-Strike
Counter-Strike PlanetGreat old mapping resource for Counter strike.
Half-Life Beta ProjectNice little russian site covering Half-Life designed around the old steam colors.
nashalifeRussian Modding site for Half-Life
taz00Some useful source modding tips can be crawled here
EGIR.DKProvided a vibrant forum and tutorial collection back in the day
SteamcastGreat collection of Podcasts on everything VALVe
GoldSrc GoldExhibiting and preserving the great look and feel of Goldsource engine games & mods from days gone bye.
HL CollectionRussian Mod hosting site dedicated to Half-Life
ModdbHuge Database of Mods, tools and tutorials, thriving community and useful rating system
LeakfreeSome useful tutorials on mapping with Source
Half-Life Codingone of the best original resources for Half-Life Coding
hl2modcentralA site that had a wealth of useful tutorials but unfortunately lost.
EditLifeOne of the older sites dedicated to mapping and resources. No longer live :(
Half-Life 2 ModsA collection of all known mods for HL2
SDK NutsOne of the older HL2 modding websites
ammahlsTutorials for Sven Co-op
Half Life Machinima WikiEncyclopedia of Half Life Machinima
Weapons of Counter-Strike: Condition ZeroWeapons of Counter-Strike: Condition Zero
Alien Swarm WikiEncyclopedia of Alien Swarm
Resource CodeOld site with large collection of coding tutorials written in German
HL2DM UniversityHalf-Life 2 Deathmatch based community resource.
Garrys BlogFrom the creator of Garrys mod comes Garrys Blog...
Half-LifeThe Official Half-Life Website
CS:VelocityOnce another vibrant community from the Counter Strike golden days
Weapons of Vampire the Masquerade: BloodlinesWeapons of Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines
Weapons of Counter-Strike OnlineWeapons of Counter-Strike Online
Black MesaBlack Mesa is a re-envisioning of Valve Software's classic science fiction first person shooter, Half-Life. Powered by Source Engine, You will re-visit the inaugural role of Gordon Freeman and his memorable journey through the Black Mesa Research Facility.
Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Counter Strike: SourceThe Official Counter-Strike Website
Design 3 (Noesis)Big collection of high quality Source engine tutorials (paid)
HLFXActive Russian Modding Community
69th VlatitudeGood oldschool tuts and resources can be found here
Counter-ScriptThe #1 Counter-Strike Scripting Site... now gone :/
dying2killAustralian & NewZealand based Gaming Community
The WallGerman Mapping community with a wealth of Tutorials
Dota IIThe Official Dota 2 Website
3rdLifevery hard to crawl but was once a great tutorial resource
Half-life Coding IndexOld site indexing the coding tutorials available for half-life
Amphibian ModsAnother great resource for modding, unfortunately lost in Valvetime
hlds_linuxOfficial mailing for Half-Life Dedicated Servers on Linux
Game BananaOne of the original game modding websites (previously known as FPS Banana)
The SnarkpitHost for maps, tools and tutorials, active community
SourcedcHad some decent Mapping tutorials, Worth a look.
Half-Life ProgrammingGreat resource for Half-Life coding
Half-Life [GameHut]Old site with walkthroughs on half-life
TenFourOnce a great review site.
Official twitter for Valve SoftwareOfficial twitter for Valve Software
Half-Life 2: Episode 2The Official Half-Life 2: Episode 2 Website
World of Level DesignTutorials on Mapping for many platforms
Mortal DevGreat website with links to useful resources
Steampowered ForumsThe Original Official Steam Forums
The WadfatherContains some useful links to tutorials
ModDotaGreat resource for modding Dota II
Team Fortress WikiEncyclopedia of Team Fortress
ChaincraftOlden goldie here with some very useful modding tips on goldsrc
ValvetimeGreat source of news on everything Valve related.
HL SpainSpanish blog covering Half-Life 1 Mods
WunderboyVery useful Tools and Tutorials for Source Modding
Source RunsSource runs is a great site documenting and supporting community members who attempt record breaking speed runs through GoldSrc and Source Engine games.
metrocopComics from Source engines games, specifically Garrys Mod.
Weapons of Source Film MakerWeapons of Source Film Maker
WavelengthSource, GoldSrc tutorials, inactive forums, mostly defunct, use the wayback machine to get some missing pages
Planet FortressTeam Fortress Based fan site
Phineas BotBots for Half-Life and tutorials
Action Half-LifeUseful maps and Tutorials (use the wayback machine to navigate)
Halfwit 2HL2 mapping and tutorials, general information
Nems ToolsExtremely useful tools for Source modding
hl.loessVery useful list of mods for Half Life
RvanhoornHalf-Life 2 Map Editing Optimization Guide
Planet Half-LifeOnce one of the greatest sources for everything HL2, is now shutdown with Gamespy’s closure
SFMLabDownload free models for use in your Source Filmmaker shorts
Steam ReviewSite covering interesting facts about Steam
Podcast 17Another great collection of podcasts on anything steam, valve or source related
3kliksphilipTalented CSS and CS:GO Mapper with a wealth of Tutorials
Grinder74Another Polish community dedicated to Half-Life
Level Design TheoryBlog documenting single player map creation for Half-Life 2 and other Source Games
VDCThe Valve Developer Community is the official Source SDK Documentation
hlds_announceOfficial mailing for Half-Life Dedicated Server Announce
Dota WikiEncyclopedia of Dota
CITY17.RUAnother unfortunate victim of disregard, was a great site dedicated to everything Half-life.
Valve Developer Unionthe Valve Developer Union’s goal is to preserve the toolset and knowledge for modding Quake-based games, including games built off Valve Corporation’s GoldSrc and Source engines.
Type 3 studiosSource Engine mapping and tutorials
Editing ArchiveThe Archive serves as a gathering point for people interested in games and game development. The Archive has various features to help unite the community, and bring them together.
hlcodersOfficial mailing for Half-Life Coders
Mach IIIDecent site from the old days covering Half-Life
When its doneSome tutorials on HL1 development
UbermicroCommunity of tutorials on mapping and modding
Weapons of Left 4 Dead 2Weapons of Left 4 Dead 2
Half-Life 2: Episode 1The Official Half-Life 2: Episode 1 Website
Jinx's MapsGreat little site with some good tutorials and resources on Half-life
valvenewsOld site for news on Half-Life
Half-Life Beginners guideDecent attempt to make it easier for newbs to come to grips with the SDK
hl2worldNo longer exists but was once the defacto source of tutorials for HL2 Modding
LambdaGenerationA great community fan website for all things Valve related with a primary focus on that which is Half life. Gives great exposure for new mods.
Half-Life MuseumA good break down of Half-Life and Half-Life 2, unfortunately it is no longer live.
Half Life ZoneSmall site for Half life related content
Half-Life Programming Planetplenty of good old tutorials here for Half-Life
Persistence of VisionTutorials on creating movies in half-life
Weapons of Counter-Strike: SourceWeapons of Counter-Strike: Source
Half Life ExpressOld site for news on Half-Life
Weapons of Counter-Strike: Global OffensiveWeapons of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
ChaosincarnateTools and Tutorials for Source Modding
pcosmos.caCollection of Half-Life and Opposing Force Mods
scmapdbTutorials for Sven Co-op
VosseyActive French Modding Community
Alien Swarm:Single Player BlogGreat Blog based on the Single player conversion mod for Alien Swarm
Team Fortress 2The Official Team Fortress Website
HLDS 101Cool resource explaining how to use the Half-Life Dedicated Server
Half-Life Mods WikiEncyclopedia of Half-Life Mods
The 303Tutorials for Source
Gaming-Models.deDownload free models for use in your mods
Weapons of Firearms: SourceWeapons of Firearms: Source
Garry's Mod WikiWiki with useful information for developers and gamers playing with Garry's Mod
headcrab.plPolish community dedicated to Half-Life
Texture StudioOld texture resource for Half-Life, contains some tutorials
HL2 Mods.ruA Russian Mod Review site for Source Games
MapeadoresSpanish modding Tutorials
WorldCraft OnlineTool for creating Hammer maps from a 2D perspective
Half Life Saganot useful for modders but a must read for those interested in the half-life Universe
Where is Gordon FreemanThis website is a timeline documenting the range of fascinating events that have happened between Gordon Freeman’s most recent appearance in 2007 and his yet-to-be-announced next appearance in the franchise.
Half-Life DeathMatch GuideGuides for succeeding in HL1DM
csgo_serversOfficial mailing for CS:GO Servers
Half-Life: AlyxThe Official Half-Life: Alyx Website
NerdChowCoding tutorial for Half-Life
100 Half-Life 1 Mods100 of Half-Life 1's best Mods hand picked by Andrej Mernik
Official mailing listsAsk questions related to mapping, coding and steam services through each mailing list, view the archives as well!
HalfLife Control UnitGreat web resource for Half-Life
SourceWikiOnce had some good coding tutorials and offered help, unfortunately lost.
Half-Life HQOnce a very busy site for Half-Life