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Welcome to Source Modding

Welcome to Source Modding where you can discover tutorials covering how to develop for Valve’s Half-Life SDK (GoldSrc), Source SDK, Game Authoring Tools and the recently released Half-Life: Alyx Workshop Tools

You will find an ever growing collection of useful information here, everything from in-depth tutorials from the ever generous Source Modding Community, to tools, community links and history regarding everything Valve related.

Let me know via E-Mail if you have any suggestions, requests or ideas for improvements.

The website & Collection is under active development, expect non critical bugs, half finished pages and some weird stuff here and there,

I have just added the Source 2 Tutorial Section and will soon populate it with tutorials for Dota 2 & Half-Life: Alyx.

Thank you for visiting Source Modding, I hope you find the collection useful.

Latest News

An update on Source Modding

Greetings! and welcome to the newly updated sourcemodding website. Some of you may have noticed that the old site was falling into disrepair as a result of some strange changes my old image hoster made, and the old technology the system ran on….

Featured Tutorial

Where is Poppy – Your First Custom Entity

In this, the second part in the “Where is Poppy” modding tutorial series I take you through the steps for creating your own custom mesh loading entity…


This is a rough overview of the direction I want to take this project.
I expect the times and priorities to change due to life and other unexpected circumstances. I do hope to achieve most of what is outlined above.

Be sure to check out the full roadmap over at Trello

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