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Rebuild Source Modding

I noticed that sourcemodding was in dire need of an update. The system the site was built on became dated and was superceded by another technology that makes building and maintaining the site considerably easier and more accessible on other platforms such as tablets and mobile.

I converted all of the Sites Tutorials and Tools from the difficult to maintain CSV to JSON which is easier on the eye and a treat to work with.

Since my image hoster on the original site broke many of the smaller images somehow, I had to consider new options.

I decided on Googles Webp and I will host them locally. I know that this means those who use safari cannot view images on the site, but really Apple? Its 2020 (at time of writing) why force us to go headphone jackless or opengless when you cant even adopt new industry standards and trends yourself, Update your garbage browser to support it. I assume from some basic research that most people use Chrome or FF anyway so to those affected I am sorry but you’ll survive 😀

The site should be more responsive, load faster and look better all around.

If you do happen to come across something amiss do let me know via mail