Film Making

Name / Purpose
A simple c# parser for .dem source engine demos.
A More Universal SFM Rig Script
Sometimes you may find out that the model you want to pose/animate doesn't like the rig_biped_simple.
Assists new and old SFM users with installing SFM mods/content quick and simple.
Anonymous Universal Animgroups
Script for helping sort animgroups in sfm
Animation Group Editor
This script is used to help with organizing the animation sets of custom models.
Lawena Recording Tool
Lawena is a simple Java program that greatly enhances your TF2 and other Source games image quality for recording purposes.
Source Demo Render
SDR offers the highest possible performance for recording movies by utilizing the GPU and all available threads along with removing speed restrictions within the engine.
Physics System Plugin for SFM
This is a GoldSource and Source engine save and demo parser and manager.
The Assembly Script
This script assembles multi-part DotA 2 heroes. It's used like a IK rig script.
A tool to pause hl2 demos at x tick
Auto-Rigger for Biped Models
This script is used to help with creating the ik files for biped models. this script only supports 2-4 spine bones.
The Portal 2 Interactive Filmmaker (IFM)
The IFM is an early internal build of SFM from mid 2011 designed to run on the Portal 2 branch of Source!

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