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Game Specific

Name / Purpose
Source 2 Resource Decompiler
Decompiles the various _c formats into the content assets, can be used to decompile dota assets.
CsSv Map Loader
This soft is useful for giving server admins o team members the opportunity to upload/download maps from your server without giving them FTP access.
Open source Dota 2 Mod Editor
A tf2 Hud editor for Windows
CS_expert for hammer
CS_expert FGD for hammer
Barebones sets up the necessary files to create a basic mod .
D2 Modkit
The Dota 2 Modkit provides tools to make your life easier when working with Dota 2 Files for modding.
dota2 Sound Editor
The Dota 2 Sound Editor allows you to modify sounds for items, voices, music and hero spells.
CZ Bind Maker
CZ Bind Maker is a custom buy script and configuration editor for Counter-Strike 1.6 and Condition Zero. It provides point and click, buy scripting and configuration editing capabilities
dota2 Builder helper library
A library to help make RTS-style and Tower Defense custom games in Dota 2
t missionpack v 3.0
this is a mission pack for condition zero. to use xtract it to ur mission packs folder.
KV Syntax highlighting and snippets for Sublime Text 2-3
Valve's KV Syntax, Snippets, and plugins for Dota 2 Workshop's custom gamemode developers.
cs:cz tweaker
changes everything in your game including bot profiles of missions,bot profiles of multiplayer game,new mission packs , some things like grenades related challenges in original missions are removed.
Warcraft 3 -> Dota 2 KV Parser
FoxBot 7z for tfc
FoxBot 7z for tfc
Lyrics to CFG
When you run the program it will take whatever is in the lyrics.txt and turn into a cfg you can run in game.
Fix Death Model Animation Tools
Fix Death Model Animation Tools
Deleted Scenes .fgd
This is the file you will need to create maps for Condition Zero: Deleted Scenes. This tool was available at Urban Ruins But the site has shut down.
Dota Custom Files Joiner
Clever tool to help organize your custom file creation to avoid a mess.
This the RCBOTS need for play with the SA13 pack if you running the last version of svenCOOP
Emacs major mode for editing KeyValue files
An Emacs major mode for editing files written in the KeyValues format that is used in Valve's Source engine.
Makes your life a little easier when setting up bindings for tfc.
CS 1.6 key binder
Left 4 Dead 2 Map Generator
Abandoned proof of concept algorithm for creating L4D2 maps from random tiles
Avis Bot Creator/Editor for Counter Strike
GUI Bot AI Editor!Allows you to create CS Bots Easily with a Gui Interface..Also added more helpful tools to increase speed of Mission Pack Development. A Must-Have for every CS Player.
KV Files Builder
splitS the Dota 2 KV files into smaller files to make them easier to read / manage.
Dota API snippets for Sublime Text 2/3
Adds Code snippets for the LUA api if you work with Sublime Text
Tool to mod Portal 2's Puzzlemaker
Commandmenu Editor
Now you can make your custom in game menus, enjoy using your custom scripts with the comfort of a graphical menu. Now its easy, just add/remove/edit menus previewing result immediately!
Enable Half Life 1 gore and blood, pretty much simple.
Upgradeable Items KV Builder
This script can be used to generate all the item levels and recipes for your items
Portal 2 Map Launcher
A simple but effective GUI for loading custom and stock portal 2 maps.
Easy to use tool for the creation of portal style signs for test chambers
tf2 Mod Installer
Simple program used to install .vpk files into the tf2 custom content directory easily.
Fgd for CS Condidtion Zero
Fgd file for making maps for CS Condidtion Zero.
Background Maker
Put pic file in tool and make own background for tfc,hl,CS
Avis Bot Creator/Editor for Counter Strike CZ
GUI Bot AI Editor!Allows you to create CS Bots (for 1.6-CZ) Easily with a GuI Interface..Also added more helpful tools to increase speed of Mission Pack Development. A Must-Have for every CS Player.
VConsole 2 Lib
A PoC library for working with the VConsole2 network protocol.
Bot Editor 1.5.1
This application create, edit, fixes, and save the database for your Counter-Strike 1.6 or any modification that base on 1.6 version.
CS 1.6 Plugin Installer
Easy CS 1.6 Plugin Installer (amxx plugins only) by Galih Sitopan
KVLib A C# Key-Value parser and library
Key Value Parsing library in C#
Player Say
A scaleform UI file for latching and allowing Lua to work with player chat.
Portal to Portal 2 Content Porter
Greatly eases the process of porting content from Portal 1 to Portal 2.
Lua API stub classes
Publicly available snippets for Dota 2 Workshop Tools
ModDota Lib
A Flash library for Dota 2 custom gamemodes