Level Creation

Name / Purpose
Map Parse
C# library that will parse Quake/Half-Life MAP files
VNIX Map Protector
Small utility for helping protect bsp maps
Convert Worldcraft 3.3 Maps into the Radiant Format
Half Life Automap
Generate a random map for Half-Life based on criteria you set in the application
BSP2OBJ is a command-line utility capable of converting Quake, Quake 2 and Half-Life map files into OBJ meshes
BSP Viewer - Solokiller
This project is a prototype map renderer for Half-Life BSP files.
Vgroup (Auto VisGroup'er)
This tool can help you by grouping the map into VisGroups based on a grid.
Sky Viewer
Great little application for viewing skys used in game
Valve Map Extractor, Decompile BSP maps for source (original version)
JPHL Map Maker
Alternative Map Editor for GoldSrc games
Vmex Mod
Valve Map Extractor modified version (Successor to VMEX)
BSP Library
C# Library for working with BSP files (and other similar file formats).
BSP Viewer
Preview a map contained in a BSP file.
GTK Radiant
The open source, cross platform level editor for id Tech games.
Custom Lightstyle Generator
Create a custom light style for your goldSrc maps
Source Map compiler GUI
GUI Compiler for Source Maps
HL Labyrinth generator
This program is a little tool for those that like the Half-Life game, with
its amazing kind of enemies and weapons.
The Compilator
GUI Compiler for Half-Life Maps
Hazard Team Compile Tool
A tool for compiling maps from VMF to BSP format
It is another type of solid which is perfect for creating terrain. A plugin for Hammer
Hammer Launcher
A tool for tweaking hammer settings and using multiple texture profiles
Forest Generator
Generate forests within your maps based on surface type
This is Badger. It's a tool to generate levels for Half-Life 2, Black Mesa.
Overview Description Generator
makes textfiles to go with your overview pictures from Half-Life maps.
Net Radiant
The open source, cross platform level editor for idtech games (GTKRadiant fork)
BSP Source
Decompile Source .bsp files into Hammer .vmf files. Successor to VMEX
BSP Level Editor
Alternative to Hammer
Compile Pal
A tool to assist in the compiling of source engine maps
Map Extractor
Useful tool for extracting the contents of BSP files
Map Protections
Small collection of obfuscation techniques for maps
Generates displacements that would usually take an extremely long time, or just be impossible to do in Hammer.
VBSP h4xed
A modified version of VBSP designed to greatly increase the maximum width and length of visleaves.
Half Life Game Level Viewer
DirectX based application to open and view Half Life 1 game files (Source Code)
A slimmed down copy of the Source SDK 2013 map compile tools
Frontend wrapper for netvis
Quake2/3 map surface generator
Multi Game Map Editor that supports Half-life
Nightfire BSP Decompiler
Decompiles some BSP maps with most support for Nightfire 007
Map Performance Menu
Simple bindings for debugging maps
Edit the entities of Source and GoldSrc games
Hammer Patch
Modification of Source Valve Hammer Editor to fix some issues. Fixes brush vertex precision loss.
This is a tool for showing leaks in a map made in WordCraft.
Adjust the light levels in a map
U Need A Unit
Simple tool for converting world units into Hammer Units
Sledge JS
A collection of JavaScript functions to load Goldsource and Source map files and render them. Not an editor.
Tools supporting the creation of HDR Images for the Engine
Allows you to create interesting 3D shapes without going through all the hassle of vertex manipulation
Alternative Map Editor for GoldSrc games
Gear Craft
Editor used for 007 Nightfire map creation
Enigmas FGD Creator
A graphical interface for creating and editing Half-Life FGD Files.
Compiler and Decompiler rolled into one tool
Map Resource Extractor
Map Resource Extractor (MRE) is a small program that reads the VMF, and only copies the content that has been used in the map.
Cancel Compile
Batch files for killing the compile processes
Worldcraft Hammer Editor Map Compiler
Worldcraft Hammer Editor Map Compiler is a set of .bat files that make the process of compiling and developing .bsp maps from .vmf files an easy and fun task.
Map Viewer
Small application for viewing map files, Superseded by crafty
Random Map Creator
RandMap is a random map generator for Half-Life
ToolBox Editor (Quake Engine Map File Text Editor)
Modify the entities of a .map file by editing its text
Super Half-Life Tools
Update to ZHLT
HL Compiled
Batch compiler for automating Map Compilation
Hammer unit converter
integrates into Hammer and allows conversion of Source Engine units into metric or imperial units.
hlfix is a tool that converts Worldcraft/VHE format files (.rmf) to standard .map files
Maplist Generator
List Maker automatically generates your maplist.txt and mapcycle.txt, it can be further used for making lists outside of Maplist making.
Zoners Half-Life Tools (ZHLT)
Modified versions of the tools used in the Map compilation process
Create Displacements for your maps
Orbital Studio Batch Compiler
Batch map compiler for GoldSrc
VBSP - prop_static Fix
This is a modified VBSP that does not delete prop_static entities using models with propdata
Custom Source Tools
Similar to ZHLT for Goldsrc, it speeds up compilation for Source
Hammer Units Converter (HUC)
Standalone units converter
Collection of various bspconv exes i have found around the net
RES File Maker
Creates .Res files for Source games running on a server
Optimizes the entities in compiled maps, allowing you to include more entities and also reduce network traffic.
Prop Rotate
Rotates selected entity types in a map
BSP Pak Extractor
Simplest Pak extractor ever. Just pick a map and click the button
A tool to generate cl_leveloverview from BSP files
BSP Edit
View and Edit the Entity information of a compiled BSP Map
Color Correct
Color Correct is a 3DS Max texture plug-in which alters the colors of any texture
Quake Army Knife, multi-purpose tool for games based on or similar to the Quake engine
Map Obfuscator (IID)
Removes entity names from your map and helps prevent people from stealing your work
TCG - Batch Compile GUI
GUI frontend for Source compiling tools
Half-Life Level Compilation Controller (HLCC)
Tool for compiling Maps from hammer
Transparency DLL for WON Half-Life
Custom DLL that supports transparency in Half-Life for pre Steam WON
This program will create a half-life2 displacement map from a heightmap image.
Hammer VMF Helper
Used to take source-css console commands and convert them into .vmf-compatible commands.
Batch Compiler
Batch compile Source and GoldSrc Maps
Decompile GoldSrc .bsp files into Hammer .map files.
Joiner is a little application that reads in a template .vmf file and produces a new .vmf filled with supports based on your template and customised settings or config.
Older program used for editing entities within bsp maps
Small Tool for extracting Textures from BSPs and into WADs. Includes GUI Versions WinTextract & Textract Suite
Sledge Editor
Free, Opensource, drop-in editor replacement for Hammer
BSP Tools
Contains 3 Tools, BSP_View, BSP_Tool and BSP_Slicer all of which perform useful tasks on Half-Life Maps
Quake Tools Legacy
Legacy compilation tools for quake
Compile Tracker
Another great tool from RedMser which tracks Hammers compilation progress even when it seems to hang
Xash studiomdl
Modified Compiler with support for large models and textures
Valve Hammer Editor Compiler
Standalone Compiler for GoldSrc Maps
Half-Life BSP Tools
A nice tool made in 2015 which can come in handy sometimes when a bsp file is too large and wont work in BSPtoMAP.exe
WorldCraft Color Editor
Hack the colors in WorldCraft
Instant Lammer Editor
Well made Russian Level Editor for GoldSrc
Plan Shape
a 3D Shape Generator for the Quake & Half-Life Map Format
Make VMF
Q3 .map to HL2 .vmf converter
Custom FGDs GoldSrc
A collection of FGD's for GoldSrc
Crafty is a 3D object, material, model and file browsing utility for Source & GoldSrc Maps.
This tool is used to create the smallest convex brush containing all points in the input file. Input file can be .smd (use its vertexes), .map (brushes and point entities) or .pts file.
GoldSrc Map Viewer
Map viewer for Valve's GoldSrc engine (needs to be compiled)
Random SP map generator for Half-Life
Vert Alert
Find, display, and optionally round floating point plane coordinates in Source engine .vmf files.
OGLE the OpenGLExtractor
OGLE is a rather amazing 3d tool that can extract shapes from 3d scenes being rendered on a computer screen
QE Radiant
Alternative Map Editor mainly used for Quake 2 but compatible with GoldSrc
HammerMate is a tool I use to save and load the wad texture list for Hammer 3.4 / 3.5.
Quake Scene Builder
Basic Model viewer for GoldSrc
Mapping Tools
Collection of tools useful for mapping with GoldSrc
Map Protector
Small prefab to help protect your map
The only native Mac OS X level editor for Quake 1
this will pack every custom item into your map up to and including map over views
Custom FGDs Source
A small collection of FGD's for Source
VTF Version Changer
Simple tool to change VTF versions from 7.5 to 7.4
This program adds custom content to a BSP. It is a GUI version of Valve's bspzip.
Nem's Mega 3D Terrain Generator
Generates Terrain for Games
converts Minecraft files into vmf files
Source Compile Analyzer
Analyzes and reports on errors in the map compilation process
Alternative to Hammer Editor for Level design
Aids in nthe process of converting GoldSrc maps into Source maps
Map Analyst (MAN)
A GUI tool for embedding custom content
Hammer Floating Point Tool
This tool blocks Hammer from converting plane coordinates to integers when exporting .map file and thus enables Hammer to output the original floating point coordinates.
Auto Compiler
automatically finds mapfiles to compile in the directory it is run
Identifies and archives all dependencies for bsp files.
Older free for personal use version of Terragen for sculpting landscapes
Half-Life SpawnPointEditor
This is the barebones program that GFlip uses as it's base
The Calliper editor (formerly Crowbar) is designed to be a cross-platform, extensible level editor that accelerates the creation of computer game maps, and is targeted specifically at Source engine games.
Convert .BSP files to .MAP files & Extract files from .PAK or .SIN files
Custom Batch File Manager
This program will help you to manage all your customs files, for your maps , texture, models or mods
Generate mazes for your level in GoldSrc
The Original official mapping utility from Valve
Source Map Generator
Small tool for generating Random Source Maps
BSP View
Preview a map contained in a BSP file.
Half-Life Quake3 Map Converter
Convert maps between Quake3 and Half-Life
VMF Instance Inserter
Inserts instances into a map
Mapping Dev Texture Guides
Some Dev Texture guides to aid with level creation
vmf parser
A small VMF to JSON parser
FGD Wikifier
Create an easily readable version of an FGD (commandline)
The Official Editor for Valve Games
HDR Targa Tools
Tools to aid in creation of HDR Targa files (command line)
Open-source library for reading and editing BSP files
Valve Batch Compile Tool
Valve Batch Compile tool (VBCT) is a source map Compile tool
Simple tool to dump raw data from Valve's map files.
Mappers Pack
Collection of the main tools required for mapping with GoldSrc
BSP Unprotect
Decrypt files that have been protected with BSPProtect (commandline)
Tree Planter
This is a tool I made to create huge forests in Source maps (It should work with any source game!)
Map Lister
Lists maps for easy maplist.txt
Map Compiler Plugin - Nightfire
Displays all options for, and facilitates, compiling maps for Nightfire
Valve Batch Compile Tool
Standalone Compiler for Source Maps
Map Backup
Great little command line tool for creating a backup of your map during the compile process
Nav Fixer
fixes the annoying Navigation Mesh was built using a different version of this map
Custom ZHLT by vluzacn (VHLT)
ZHLT rebuilt and up to date with latest engine build
VSIF2VCD is a command line scenes.image extractor/decompiler.
Entspy is program for viewing and editing the entities of compiled map
Toolbox Lux RAD Editor
Edit light values inside a Maps RAD file
Create a Map using color information through 2D
Uncle Mike's VHLT
This is an modified version of VHLT v34 by Uncle Mike designed for the Xash3D engine (bsp v31)
Transparency DLL for STEAM Half-Life
Custom DLL that supports transparency in Half-Life for Steam
Q2 Beaver
Windows interface that frontends the compiling utilities

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