Material Creation

Name / Purpose
VMT Compiler
Automate the process of creating VMTs for VTFs
Decal converter
Turn images into Decal files (WAD format)
Wavelength PalMerge
GFX Wad compiler taken from
Defacto tool for texture management in GoldSrc
VMTMaker (sonicsight)
VMT Creation Tool
Photoshop VTF Plugin
Photoshop plugin for creating VTF files
Easy WAD Maker
GUI application to help simplify the WAD creation process
This is a simple seamless skybox bitmap generator. It generates
six bitmaps which can be used as the textures on a skybox within
a game engine
Wad Viewer
Viewer for previewing WAD files (source code only)
Ease the creation of .vmt files as wells as convert Targa files to Valve's Texture Format.
utility that converts Wads to TGA's
Create logos/Sprays for Source Games
Sprite generator
Sprite generator for HL
VTF Edit
Widely used VTF editing tool
Toolset and tutorials for creating good GoldSrc materials
Sprite Explorer
Explore the contents of .spr files
VMT Editor
a visual editor for Source Engine material files.
Create sprays for use in games such as CS:S
VMT Creator
Simple vmt creator
Targa Tool
A modified version of the Trainsim utility TgaTool2
VMT Batch Creator
Create Material definitions for textures using this tool
Gimp tools
Small collection of GIMP plugins for Valves Engines
Older tool for creating textures in Quake & HL
3T Previewer
Check if your textures tile correctly
Convert images between TGA, BMP and PNG
Wad Configuration Manager
a tool to help manage WAD configurations.
Half-Life Texture Tools
Half-Life Texture Tools - create and view wad and spr files
nDo (nDo1)
The original photoshop action/script that started it all for Quixel.
GUI for the vTex
Terrain Texture Generator
Here's a little toy that synthesizes a unique terrain texture
by blending a set of base texture layers
Sprite Fixer
Make some simple changes to Sprites
Wavelength PalMerge
Paletted images merger for half life
Goldsrc Texture Viewer
Texture viewer for Valve's GoldSrc engine (Requires Compilation)
Spray Maker
Create animated Sprays for use in Source Games
Texture Tool
Auto generate large flag script files for Trinity Render
HL TagConverter
Convert an Image to a Spray
Redfield plugins
Photoshop plugins for simplifying the creation of textures for games
VTF Version Changer
Change the version of vtfs without having to hex
Color Logo Maker
Create colored logos for Half-Life
Valve Material Type file generator
VMTMaker (phatsams)
VMT Creation Tool
Crosshair Factory
This is the "All_you'll_ever_need_for_Sprite_generation_Pack" for: HalfLife.
Auto Seamer
Create a seamless tileable texture from an input image
Detail Tool
It auto generates 'detailtextures.txt' for the detail file generator the Trinity\Abyss engine use.
Custom Shaders
Small collection of custom shaders for Source
Lump Tool
Edits and creates WAD files for the game Doom. It's 9 years too late, but better late than never!
Put together a sprite from a series of .bmp files
VTF Explorer
A tool for viewing, converting and extracting from GCF files Source materials.
Convert TGA's into a DuDv format, without the need of having Steam to be running
Quick Tiler
Photoshop plugin that creates tiled images for game
Pretador's VMT Generator
makes one .vmt out of every .vtf file in the folder selected.
GUI replacement for the VTF2TGA and VTEX applications
Vtex Modified
new working version of vtex
HLC: Half-Life Logo Creator
This is a cool logo creator for in-game logos for Half-Life.
Sprite Tool Pack
Includes, SprWiz, SprView & Sprite Explorer
VMTMaker (TN Skoop)
VMT Creation Tool
NVidia Photoshop Normals Plugin
Photoshop plugins for normal map creation
View sprites and play them back
Source Material Manager
Source Material Manager is an application to manage VTF and VMT files. SMM makes your texture and material editing faster!
Half-Life Weapon Sprite Definition Generator
Well, actually an editor for weapon sprites
dDo Legacy, free for commercial Use, pre PBR, great texturing tool plugin for Photoshop
Sprite Fixer
Useful for locking sprites to Z-axis rotations.
Wood Workshop
A free seamless texture editor
Sprite Mage
Used to lock the z, x and y axis of a sprite.
View and edit VMT files for Source
Paint.NET VTF Plugin
Paint.NET plugin for creating VTF files
ENBSeries HL2Mod
Modified DirectX libraries for a better experience in Half-life 2
VTF Creator & VMT Generator
Quick way to convert mass amounts of image files to VTF/VMT
Converts the contents of WADs into BMPs
Crazy bump
Create normals, bumps, AO and other maps from the diffuse for use in games
Half-Life: 2 - Texture Tool (HL2TEX)
Simplifies the transformation of TARGA images to VTF files, creates the VMT file that Hammer uses
Library for adding VTF support to your own apps
Fast VMT Generator
Fast VMT Generator is tool that generates VMT file for multiple textures AT ONCE!
Sprite Maker
Create sprites for GoldSrc
Material Enumerator
This programm lists all materials wich are used in your selected vmf.
TGA Tool
Simple Interface program to allow the easy editing of the 24 bit Bmp & 32 bit Targas
VTF Reader
Open and View VTFs
Color Tile Generator
Generates images based on a color
View .spr files
Skypaint is a legacy program that can view and create skyboxes as well as doing direct edits to them.

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