Model Creation

Name / Purpose
Blender3D SMD Exporter
Export tools for Blender
Free UV Unwrapping tool
MDL Texture Info
Display the material information associated with a model
NightFire Model Compiler
Model compiler & decompiler specifically made for nightfire
Model Modifier (MOM)
Modify select parts of a model such as texture references
Valve Source Addon for XSI
Official Addon for Softimage
convert VMF map files to SMD geometry files
an easy to use tree generator!
Jigglebone QCGen
Helps in the model decompile process.
Jeds Half-Life Model Viewer (JHLMV)
Improved model viewer for goldsrc
MDL Viewer
View model files for goldsrc
Source Model Finder
This program helps find models for Source mappers.
Reduce your daily modelling struggles by being able to organize your models properly, be in total control!
Half-Life EZ Weapon Creator
Creates almost all of the code required to add new weapons into Half-Life
This tool takes a Source map file (vmf) and creates a .mdl file
3D modelling interface for working with Half-Life Models
QC Mann
helps automate the creation of QC files
Decompile, Compile, and View Source-Engine & GoldSrc Models in a Convenient Interface
Studio Model Tool - Nightfire
Plugin for NightFire Workshop
Otis' Half-life Modelviewer
A model viewer that can open any HL model and view animations, zoom, etc.
VTA Apply
This application allows you to apply VTA animations to SMD model files.
and allows you to flip individual animation smd's
3dsmax Plugins & Tools
Collection of Importers & exporters for 3dsmax
DoomMusics StudioMdl
improved StudioMdl
Lightwave Source Plugins
Lightwave Source engines plugins for import and export
This is a model viewer for Quake 1. Once a paid program, it became freeware in 2006.
Model Generator (MOG)
Convert OBJ, BSP & VMF to OBJ or SMD
3DS Max SMD and DMX Plugins
Collection of up to date plugins for 3dsmax and Valve's engines
Half-Life Model Viewer (original HLMV)
View and Adjust Models before taking into the Engine
Hl2 compile toolkit
Toolkit to aid in the compilation of models for Source games
Pretador's Model Compiler - QC Editor
View useful information in QC files
Nifty tool to help calculate the position of eyes for a model
Valve Tools
Small collection of model tools for use with the Valve Engines
MDL Decompiler
Decompile MDL files back into SMD files
Maya SMD Importer/Exporter
Doggs MDL Compiler
GUI frontend for studiomdl
3D Exploration
3D model viewer compatible with Half-Life Models
Source to GoldSrc SMD Converter
This is designed as a substitute for Milkshape in the process of bringing a model from Blender (with the SMD Tools plugin) into Half-Life 1 and Goldsrc based mods. It should also be useful for Source .smds exported from other tools, and is by no means Blender specific.
Ninja Ripper
Rip DirectX geometry from Games into 3dsMax
Watered down free version of 3dsmax
Half-Life Model Validator
C++ code to help those interested in learning how to export a valid Half-Life mesh
Sven Coop StudioMdl
modernized studiomdl.exe
A GUI for Goldsrc MDL compilation and decompilation.
Left4Life StudioMDL
modified studimdl, compiles very large models
GUI Studio MDL
GUI frontend for studiomdl
3d modeling application
Blender Source Tools
Import & Export tools for Blender
e_desc name=Rantis Extended Valve Tools
A Maya based sequence extractor
Kratisto's MDL Decompilier
Decompile game models
IOgre Cinema4d to Source
Cinema4D Source plugins
Softimage/XSI Mod Tool
Now a discontinued tool Softimage was once at the forefront of 3D Content creation, The modtool was provided for free.
Source Studio
Cannonfodders decompiler and compiler for source
3D modeling package with inbuilt support for Valves Engines
Xash studioMDL Goldsrc Large Model Compiler
Large Model compiler for Half-Life mods by Xash-Team
QC Editor - Compiler Advanced Edition
QC compiler and editor
WallWorm Tools
Wallworm Tools for exporting and importing for 3dsmax
Maya Export Tools by Prall
Export tools for Maya to Source
Community Updated HLMV
Half-Life Model Viewer is a brand new tool based on HLMV 1.25 and Jed's Model Viewer 1.36 that provides an entirely rebuilt model viewer.
and allows you to flip individual animation smd's
Modo to SMD
Export Modo files as SMD
Noesis Model Viewer
Universal Model viewer
Dvondrake's SMD exporter for Blender
Export SMDs from blender
Modeling program, easy for beginners
Xash3D Model Viewer
Valve Sketchup Tools
Suite of tools for Sketchup
A GoldSource and Source multitool (formerly known as vmmt) with the following features
Polygon Cruncher
3D plugin tool that decimates the poly count on Meshs
This is an expansion of the mdl viewer code from the half-life SDK
OBJ2SMD Converter
simple converter that makes an OBJ an SMD

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