SDK’s & Source Code

Name / Purpose
Castle Source Code
Source Code
Amnesia Sound Engine For Half-Life
Add an alternative sound engine to half-life
Fman SDK
Fman tools SDK
HalfLife Tactics SDK
omfgzombieslol Source Code
Source Code
Medal of Honor: Allied Assault: Source
Source code for Medal of Honor: Allied Assault: Source
Zeno Clash SDK
fortress forever Source Code
A Team Fortress mod on the Source Engine
X-Half-Life Deathmatch Source Code
X-Half-Life Deathmatch Software Development Kit (SDK)
Hazardous-Course 2 SDK
Sample map files
Forsaken Source code
Source Code
Arrangement Rebirth Source Code
Source Code
Hauntings SDK
Cortex Cluster SDK
Multiplayer AI Source Code
Source code for Multiplayer bots from fistful of Frags
Half-Life: Absolute Zero - Absolutely Abandoned
Previously scrapped content uploaded for people to use. Also includes 2 Absolute Zero pre-release builds
Half-Life 2 SDK (HL2SDK)
Source Code & SDK for Half-Life 2
Python for Source SDK
Integrate Python support into the Source Engine
Base Defense Mini SDK
no source code just rmfs
Basis - Source Code
Something like Spirit of Half-Life. The intent is to add more features to the Half-Life SDK while better documenting the engine's features and maintaining the same style.
Human Error Source Code
Source Code
Neotokyo SDK
Gunman WC Mappack
Around 300 maps from the development of Gunman Chronicles. This is nowhere near the full map sources of the game, it is just what I've been able to gather.
Natural Selection Source Code
An attempt at getting Natural Selection to compile for Windows and Linux.
HL Cam Mod
Camera mod for Half-Life. Includes in game editing and external editing program that connects to the game.
Bloodlines SDK
Trinity Render
Alternate render engine for GoldSrc
G String Source Code
Repository for the Source engine modification G String
Luminous Forts Source Code
Source code
Golden Eye - Source (Source Code)
Collection of Source code and libraries for Golden Eye Source
Cry of Fear SDK
Uncertainty Principle Source Code
Source and game files for the Half-Life 2: Episode Two mod Uncertainty Principle.
Pilotable Strider Mod
Code source for a pilot-able Strider Mod
Paranoia SDK
Sandbot is based on HPB Bot by Jeffrey Broome
They Hunger Source Code
Source Code
Zombie Master Source Code
Source Code
HL Induction SDK
Above the Catacombs Source Code
This repository contains the source code and map format files used in the development of Above the Catacombs, a Half-Life 2: Episode Two modification
HL1 Lasthope Source Code
Source Code
Alien Swarm SDK Templates
Templates to make the Alienswarm SDK more like the Source SDK 2013
The Ship SDK
Dark Messiah SDK
ICE - A Half-Life 2 Expansion Pack
This is the ICE HL2 Expansion source code ported to 2013 single player by Marc-Antoine Lortie.
NimMod Source Code
Source Code
Autonomy Lost map source files
These are all the map source files for Autonomy Lost. Please note that they're in the JMF file format which requires the J.A.C.K. editor in order for them to work. Read the readme.txt for more info.
ETC2 Source Code
Source Code
Heart of Evil Napalm Edition SDK
Orion Source Code
Source Code
Half-Life SDK (HLSDK)
Source Code & SDK for the Original Half-Life
Notes Source SDK & Code
SDK & Source Code
Compiled Vanilla HL2EP2 Binaries (23.08.2015)
Wazanator compiled a vanillia version of the EP2 binaries that come with the Source SDK 2013
Battle Grounds Source Code
Source code for the Battle grounds mod
The Wastes FGD & WAD
Mini SDK for the Wastes
HL2DM Beta Source Code
The source code for the Source SDK 2007 version of Half-Life 2 Beta Deathmatch.
Half-Nuked Source Code
Here's the source code of Half-Nuked, I just don't have a lot of time to dedicate to this mod and I don't think I'll work further on it, feel free to toy around with it, or even continuing it's development, that's up to you.
Prototype 98 RMFs
Small collection of maps
ETC1 Source Code
Source Code
Half-Life Beta Death Match SDK
Spirit of Half-Life Source Code
Source Code
HL Invasion SDK with Source Code
Source code for HL Invasion
Mario Kart Source Code
Source code
Half Screwed Source Code
Source Code
Bunker 66 VMFs
Valve Map source for the Bunker 66 Mod
Half-Life: Source 2007 ported to Source 2013
This is the Half-Life: Source code ported to Source SDK Base 2013 Singleplayer. For those who want make a Half-Life: Source mod.
Garrys Mod LUA source
LUA source code for Garrys Mod
The Forgotten Ones Source Code
This was initially a total conversion mod for Half-Life 2, when Greenlight came around I decided to give it a try
Bisounours Source Code
Source Code
Half-Life Reborn SDK
Developer tools for Half-Life Reborn
Digital Paintball Field Development Kit
Including every basic tool necessity a new or seasoned map developer will need to get started creating fields for DPB/Redux!
Headcrab Frenzy Source Code
Source Code
Half-Life Modding Kit - Code
Just for the people who are only interested in the coding aspect of Half-Life Modding Kit. Includes summon sdk.
Chicken Fortress 3 SDK
Source code for Chicken Fortress 3 Pre Alpha
Weapon Jetpack Source Code
Source Code
momentum mod source code
Momentum Mod - Free and Open-Source Surf & Bunnyhop
Cold Ice SDK
Source code for Cold Ice MP
Estranged Act 1 Source Code
Source Code
An unknown game Source Code
I only added 1 NPC, tried to add a weapon, but failed, and I modified some things, like the weapon bobbing, and I made the RPG slow down the player if they carry it.
Situation Outbreak 2
This Is a SDK conten From SO2 you are able to create custom conten to mod.
HL Enhanced
Half-Life Enhanced. Vanilla SDK with improvements.
Source Towers SDK & Source Code
SDK & Source Code
Hammer Deluxe Source Code
I dont even know....
Enterprise - TCW Source Code
Source Code
ARGG - Adnans Rotational Gravity Gun
This is the source code for Adnan's Rotational Gravity Gun, v1.0.
JailBreak Source SDK
Shotgun Source Code
Source Code
Situation Outbreak Source Code
Source Code
Blue Portals SDK
Double Action Source Code
Source code for the stylish game Double Action
CSSRPG Source Code
Source Code
Quick and dirty Bloodlines Tools
SDK Tools for Vampire - The Masquerade: Bloodlines
This file contains the HL2 Source Code, (It's basically HL2 stripped of everything and left with just the basic files needed to run it)
Black Guard RMFs
Source Map files for Black Guard
Half-Life Modding Kit - Mapping
This version only contains the tools used for mapping such as Hammer Editor and compile tools, and a large collection of map and prefab sources.
Tyrian Source Code
Source Code
Dreamball Dev Kit
Dev Kit
Half-Life 2 Return To Xen - RTX Source Code
Source Code
HL2 Wars Source Code
Source Code

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