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Server Tools

Name / Purpose
Map Cycler
A tool to setup a mapcycle for your server
SourceRadio makes it possible for players on a server to build a playlist together and listen to music as they play—even on public servers.
Half-Life Dedicated Server, A Tool required for running Goldsrc based servers. Deprecated, use Steam CMD instead
Metamod is a plugin/DLL manager that sits between the Half-Life Engine and an HL Game mod
Install and automaticly update any game server
Graphical interface for SteamCMD
Source Dedicated Server Installer
Install Source Dedicated Server with a single click
half-life proxy
With Half-Life Proxy you can play Half-LIfe via internet over a network-computer. Deprecated
Linux Game Server Manager
These are command line tools for quick, simple deployment of various dedicated game servers using SteamCMD.
Map Cycle Generator and Launcher
Source Dedicated Server, A Tool required for running Source based servers. Deprecated, Use SteamCMD instead
HLSW is a game server administration and server browsing tool that allows gamers to not only search for game servers and connect to them easily, but also allows administrators the ability to remotely monitor their server.
HLDS Launcher
Goldsource dedicated server (HLDS) launcher. This launcher is aimed to make running a dedicated server easier and at the best performance possible.
condenser is a bootstrapper for installing, configuring, & launching Steam dedicated server apps
Source Mod Dedicated Server Tool
Eases the process of setting up a stand alone dedicated server for Source mods
Steam Game Server Query
Queries the steam master server for running game servers [no longer seems to work
Steam CMD
The Official tool and Successor to HLDS and SRCDS. use this to create your Dedicated servers for Valve Games
SteamCMD Guardian
A script to run with Steam CMD that makes the process easier for setting up dedicated servers
ListIP Manager
With this tool you can simply manage your listip.cfg files, such as sort, add, change or delete records.
Metamod Source
Metamod:Source is a C++ plugin environment for Half-Life 2
Remote Compile System (RCS)
Remote Compile System