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Name / Purpose
Alternative to Resgen, Download at own risk
TM GCF Extractor
TM GCF Extractor
C# library for reading/parsing & writing demo files produced by GoldSource (HL1) and Source-engine (HL2) based games
HLViewer is a simple to use javascript library for viewing maps and playing replays of GoldSrc engine based games entirely in browser
GOLDSRC2SOURCE - Map Fixer (v1.1.0)
Tool for porting your GoldSource maps to Source. It features many fixes that will save hours of mindless work.
A half life dedicated server (goldsrc) management tool written in ruby
Demo freak
a tool for game replays recorded with Half-Life.
Goldsrc Asset loaders
Collection of loaders for game engine asset types. Currently supported: Half-Life BSP, MDL and SPR. (requires compilation)
PakRat is a graphical replacement for the BSPZIP program
STEAM Source Mod Manager
This tools manages your custom modifications for your Source based Steam games.
OpenGL wrapper for Direct3D
Lawena Recording Tool
Simple movie recording tool for Source Engine games
Half-Life Mod Folder Creation Tool (modtool)
Automatically makes a blank mod!
Mod Maker
A collection of tools to help with modding
tool for converting closed-captions files for Source engine games
TGA Thumbnail Plugin (Thumbplug)
Adds TGA Thumbnails in windows
ATI hammer fix
AMD dropped opengl support at one stage for their drivers and this helps rectify the issue
GUI Debug options for HL2DM
Debug options for HL2 Deathmatch
PiLauncher lists the mods installed on your favourite games to make them easy to launch
VGUI Localization Tool
Easily recreate your gui elements in other languages
Worldcraft Color Editor
Edit the UI colors in Worldcraft
HL2 Utils
An assortment of java programs for working with the source engine
Valve Source Engine game language resource file localization tool
WC Parser
Parse Source SDK '.wc' files.
Source SDK Gadget
Windows gadget for the source sdk
Gibbeds VPK Extractor + Fixed Version
Extract the contents of VPK files
Source Icon Set
Collection of simple icons for Source related content (This version is from Riintouge)
Custom SDK Launcher
Free and open source SDK launcher for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and other source engine games
Source CMD
Allows console commands to be sent to source-engine games (hl2.exe). Works with text-mode clients.
PackBSP is a tool to help automatically manage and pack dependencies in custom maps for games
Content Installer Multi game
Content installer for some source games
Half-Life 1 Scripting and Administration
TF2 demo parsing in javascript
Updated Half-Life Dlls
This new render dll's support transparent models in many new MOD's.
Demo Cleaner
Just extract this somewhere and drag your demo file onto it and it'll remove all the scoreboards and command menus from demos.
VOGL is a debugger for the OpenGL rendering API intended to be used in the development of video games
Alura & Zoe for Nightfire
Tools which can decompress and compress Nightfire's .007 archives.
Search Valve Wiki through Sublime Text
Sublime Text filter system that searches the Valve wiki for the input text
Ear Defender
Silence unwanted and annoying game sounds. (Half-life goldscr engine)
VPK Context Menu
This simple script in batch add a button in the windows context menu for create files in VPK format
Half-life Advanced Effects (HLAE)
a collection of tools to enrich GoldSrc
PAK Explorer
Pak Explorer is a tool to help view and edit the contents of Qukae II PAK files
vdfplus is a small library that aims to help with converting Valve's KeyValue format to JSON and vice versa.
Source VM
This is a simple interpreter library for the Source Config.
Source SDK Launcher for Portal
Launches source sdk for Portal
Source Multi Tool
Source Multi-Tool is meant as a replacement to Valves Source SDK Launcher
Source Engine Automatic Demo Saver (SEADS)
Automatically saves demos recored in source engine games
A PoC library for working with the VConsole network protocol.
Animation timing tools
Tools for aiding in the creation of animations for view player models
Rip DirectX content from games
A development integration and project building tool for Source Engine modders.
Cue List Tool
Create cues in WAV sound files
Nightfire Editor Suite 2
The second release of 007 Nightfire's PC modding tools originally released many years ago including Gearcraft, Model Compiler, Map Decompiler and more.
Resguy is similar to RESgen and FLRGen, but can find all content that Sven Co-op maps are allowed to customize and only includes what is required
VMPI by TopphattWaffle
This is a set of scripts that make VMPI workers easier, vmpi is used for network distributed map compiling
Javascript parser for valve gui files -- ported from optf2's
Sassilization Inline Patcher
fixes 'bad inline model number #, worldmodel not yet setup' errors
A metamod plugin that allows you to write server side plugins with C# on the GoldSrc engine
Collective Valve ERC Entity Documentation
Documentation for the goldsrc sdk entities
Let's make a RES
Make a .res file and populate a dir with all resources
Steam Condenser
This Project aims to provide a parser which parses the log output of the goldsrc hlds engine (Counter-Strike, Half-Life, etc.). There is a parser written with ragel and one written by hand.
WebGL Source Engine Renderer
WebGL app that renders levels from the Source Engine, created against Team Fortress 2 resources. The Source Engine and anything related to it is the property of Valve Software, who does not authorize or endorse this project in any way.
Half Life Launcher
Launcher tool for Half-Life
Particle benchmark
Benchmark which introduced some of the new and more advanced features of the Source engine and Valve's hybrid threading technology
Rufio's SDK GUI
A GUI for both VTEX and studiomdl.
Source Project Cleaner
Source Engine based Project Cleaner - Primarily for SDK 2013 to make certain files more Linux & Mac friendly.
A collection of tools and libraries for the Source Engine on the Xbox 360
netdecode is a utility for parsing and analysing data within demo files produced by Valve's Source engine (only the Orange Box branch for now). This is primarily a tool for testing and reference. Poorly written in C#.
Phoneme Extractor
Very useful tool when working with faceposer and creating dialog
Game Extractor
Extract content from game archive files
HardOCP Benchmark
Demo files to benchmark Half-Life 2
Syntax highlighting for Valve formats in Sublime Text
Res Generator
Generate RES files for your maps
Source and GoldSrc Query Tool
With Captioneer you can easily create your own Closed Captions for Source-based Games, like for Team Fortress 2.
Compression tool used to create small files that can be transmitted by servers to gamers
simple command line program that converts v13 packed addons to v12
hlds (goldsrc) logs parser written in C#
GMad Extractor
simple command line program that converts v13 packed addons to v12
Cached.wad and gfx.wad SDK
WAD Compiler
Hl2 Model List
Spreadsheet listing HL2 models
FGD SublimeText Highlighter
FGD highlighting for Sublime Text editor
Fixed Steam HD Pack for Half-Life
High definition pack for Half-Life and Opposing Force
HL Mod Launcher
Launch mods for Half-Life
VPK tool (for OS X)
Drop items (vpk you want to extract or folders you want to convert to vpk) onto the App Icon
VDF Parsing library
Valve Data File Parsing library.
HL Editing Lite
Large collection of all the typical tools used in Modding
Gold Wave
Sound editing tool, useful for looping by adding cues
Source Script
This is a simple interpreter library for the Source Config.
Work-in-progress Linux tool for manipulating .bsp files (Used by Valve's Source Engine to store map data)
Half-Life CGShader
This is a pixel shader for bloom-like effects on any Half-Life engine game.
MAGX's Tools
A collection of tools to help with modding
HL2 Hud Editor
An ambitious attempt at providing a WYSIWYG HUD editor for Source based games
Steam Toolkit
For working with the same data Steam relies on
HLLib is a package library for Half-Life that abstracts several package formats
Source Engine Scripting and Administration
Steam Utils
Miscellaneous programs which use Steam data
NPP Valve Definition file
Notepad++ syntax highlighting for Valve files
VMF Picker
Great little tool for adding VMF associations to specific Hammer Versions
Simple movie recording tool for Source Engine games
Render smoother Source Engine videos, faster.
Source Sauce
Source Sauce is a replacement out-of-game utility for the in-game options menu of Source Games.
BRET (Bsp REs Tool)
Tool (Utility) for generating .res files for GoldSource .bsp engine maps
benchmarking tool for Linux OpenGL games
BZIP2 tool
GUI frontend for BZIP2
Map loader for hl2
You scan for the maps., Then select the map. There you go. Just right there at your desktop
KV File Generator (Online Tool)
A utility that automatically generates a formatted .kv file based on your selection.
GCF Extractor
extract gcfs
QWERTY Hammer Kit
This is an all-in-one kit that comes with both Hammer 3.4 and 3.5, Auto Seamer, Batch Compiler, BSP Viewer, BSP2MAP, Crafty, GCF Scape, Leak Marker, MAP Viewer, Model Viewer, PAK Explorer, Revolver, Sprite Explorer, Sprite Fixer, Sprite Viewer, Sprite Wizard, Terrain Generator, Texture Extractor, Valve Compile Tools, Wally, WinBSPC, and ZHLT.
Tool to aid in the creation of WAV files
Error Checker
Checks for errors in your map
RESGen. A tool to create .res files for Half-Life.
CTX Converter
Ctx converter removes the hassle of having to type in correct cmd commands to decompile ctx files
cf sdktools
Here are compiled versions of some of the tools from the source sdk released on 12/1/2004.
GCF Scape
Defacto tool for extracting content from steam archives
Source Icon Pack
selection of icons for Valve filetypes making development on windows easier
HL2 Toolkit
An assortment of java classes for working with the source engine
Demo File Renamer
This tool was manly made to extract out the mapname of GoldSrc- and Source Engine demofiles and place it in the name of the demofile itself.
SRC Repair
a free open source tool that can be used for tuning and cleaning up Steam and Source engine games.
Valves VR toolkit for the HTC Vive
PakScape is a PAK and PK3 explorer/creator
Custom Content Manager
Manages custom content for source engine games
Valve Integrated Development Environment
Vice is Valve's tool for ICE encryption, a trick used mainly to protect weapon script files from modification by server admins.
HL Tools
This is a C# library to manage GoldSrc specific files.
Nightfire Workshop
Workshop tools for creating Nightfire content
VTF shell extensions
Add thumbnail support for VTF files in windows
Source Game Starter
Makes starting Source based game server as easy as possible
Custom Compiler GUI
Allows users to change the settings for the compiler(s) they wish to run
An NPM package for manipulating FGD (Forge Game Data) files.
Source Shader Editor
Create custom shaders for Source from a node based interface
Valve Icon Pack
Collection of icons for valve games
Steam File Manager
Manages custom content for steam games
OmniToolz is a tweaker made for all games out there!
Half-Life Launch Pad
Half-Life Launch Pad is an application to ease the process of loading mods and maps for Source and GoldSource.
Development environment for Garrys mod Lua files