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Wallworm: Hammered to the Max
A Hammer user's guide to Max
Plaguefest Little Map making Thread
Really useful collection of resources for those interested in modding
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Half-Life Console Commands CVARS
Comprehensive list of Console Commands for Half-Life
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Halfwit-2 Workshop Resources
Thanks to wazanator for providing the offline backup of the workshop, when the official site was down
Modeling and Animating for Half-Life
This Paper goes into detail about the the creation of models and basic animation for the GoldSrc Engine.
Half-Life CVAR (console variable/command) List
Word Doc listing the console commands for Half-Life
Low Poly Character Creation
This tutorial is for the creation of Low-Poly 'Portable Game Res' real-time characters.
Halfwit-2 Tutorial Collection
Kudos to wazanator for providing the offline backup of Halfwit-2, when the official site was down
Valve's Steam Controller 3D CAD Source
The Source CAD files for Valves Steam Controller
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Half-Life 2: Quick Reference card.
This is a small PDF that includes common shortcuts, installation and system requirements for Half-Life 2
Source InfoSheet
This PDF from Valve was an advertisement providing information on the features of the Source Engine.
How to Compile Static or Dynamic models into Half-Life 2
This is a small and concise collection of tutorials in PDF form that cover the creation of models in half-Life 2.
Introduction to Hammer (German)
This PDF introduces you to hammer. Written in german by isolated-design.de, original Title(Einführung in den Hammer Editor 3.5)
Wallworm: Anatomy of a Design Team
The Wall Worm Source Engine Pipeline
Replace a Face Texture in Half-Life 2 DeathMatch
This short PDF covers the basic steps required when replacing a face texture on a Source Model.
Source Model Compiling Flowchart
Really neat flow chart from 303.org on how the compilation process for Source models
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German Translation of Half-Life.doc from the SDK
This PDF is a german translation for the documentation that comes with the Half-Life SDK. Author: isolated-design.de, original Title (Übersetzung der Modelling for Half-Life.doc aus dem HL-SDK 2.2)
Practical Guide to Facial Animation for the Source Engine
This PDF covers the overall process in creating a believable facial animation in Source.
.MAP files, file format description, algorithms, and code
This useful Paper goes into detail about the GoldSrc .MAP file format, providing a useful insight on how it works
Goldsrc Model Compiling Flowchart
Really neat flow chart from 303.org on how the compilation process for GoldSrc models
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Valve – New Empolyee Handbook
A fearless adventure in knowing what to do when no one’s there telling you what to do
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Unofficial Half-Life WAD3 and SPRITE file format Specification
PDF describing the WAD3 and Sprite formats for Half-Life
Source for serious games
This Academic Paper covers the idea of using the Source Engine to create Serious games or simulations for real life to aid in training.

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