Level Design

Name / Description
Keypad (5)
This tutorial was written by Boomstick123 (with hints from Bornstein) and creates a fully operational keypad for unlocking a door.
Patrolling Scanner (149)
This shows how to make a npc_c scanner on the same path patrol endlessly.
Energy Ball Launcher by Bud Doug Lee (166)
Based on a VMF supplied by Bud Doug Lee this shows how to set up an active Energy Ball launcher and trap for PORTAL.
Env_Steam (51)
This tutorial covers the env_steam entity , and includes a valve to turn it on and off.
Creating different glass types
Trigger Look (204)
One way of using trigger_look. In the VMF - you see a screen of the adjacent room, then a shelf falls down in the room enabling you to get a gun and ammo. Zombies Optional !
Soundscape List (from Bornstein and Wise)
This is a list of soundscapes for some Source Games
Hidden and Dangerous: npc_sniper
Hidden and Dangerous: npc_sniper
Basic Logic_Compares and Game_UIs
The basic principles to Game_UI and Logic_Compare entity control.
Brush Entity Decals
A short tutorial on how to add decals to brush entities.
Compiling Errors
A list of them, and solutions
A Guide to Lighting in Source - Part Two
Part two of an In-depth tutorial covering the ins and outs of lighting in the Source Engine
BuyZone Video Tutorial by Meathead (72)
Placing a BuyZone in a CSS map.
Headcrab Canisters by Chrome (165)
this shows how to make the headcrab canisters that crash in from the sky and disgorge a number of headcrabs.
Autostairs (202)
Resembling the automatic stairs in Portal, this was made for Ep 2. It will work in both Half-life 2 and Portal, just be selective with your textures.
Controlling Combine Assaults
Using assault_ entities to direct Combine assaults
Magnusson Device (197)
how to make the Magnusson Device spawner from Episode 2.
Raising and Lowering Water: Valve and Button (80)
how to make water rise and fall in a map
Spawning and Respawning (170)
This tutorial follows a request on the Halfwit-2 forum about respawning items.
Trigger_changelevel (85)
This tutorial shows the basic steps to change from one map to another (level change)in the game.
Dropship transports and drops an APC vehicle (151)
This tutorial shows how to make an npc_combinedropship carry and drop off an npc_vehicle_apc.
Portal: Changing Textures/Signs (160)
Portal: Changing Textures/Signs
Random Explosions (44)
a way for setting off events (explosions in this case) randomly
How to create a rotating door using models.
Ladders...that work!
This is a tutorial on how to make ladders that actually work
Zombies with no Headcrab (187)
Simple tute showing how to do this. Be aware that when they get shot a headcrab appears from nowhere !!
Hanging Entitys from a rope in CS:Source
Hanging Entitys from a rope in CS:Source
Using and understanding trigger_look
Revolving Doors (140)
This shows how to build a Revolving Door. The tutorial will cover making a plain door; a door with glass in, and a door with breakable glass in.
Portal Door (158)
This is another PORTAL tutorial. This one is the basic circular door model. Next tutorial will deal with the button that you put the box on to open it.
Trigger_Wind (150)
Illustrates a use of the trigger_wind entity. The VMF has a simple set up some containers on a table and a cardboard box are blown by a gust of wind.
Key Locked Door
Make a door that can only be opened with a key card
Want some realistic terrain? Read on!
Blowtorch by Nero (172)
This is a tutorial from Nero that shows you how to make a carryable blowtorch that you can use to cut open a door.
Electrification (175)
This tutorial shows how to electrify something so that touching it hurts the player.
Barrel Push (41)
In several paces in the game, metropolice throw ignited explosive barrels down onto Freeman, in water.
'Shoot to open' door tutorial
Make a door open when shot
End of the Tunnel Effect
Ever wondered how Valve made them, find out here!
Strider Walking (117)
This is a tutorial about ncp_strider . It will cover walking.
Realism in Maps Part 2 by #1Duck (178)
This Tutorial assumes you have completed 'Part-1', of making the corridor.
Strider Crouch-walking (119)
This is another tutorial about ncp_strider. It will cover crouching and crouch/walking under things. This was difficult to get to work, but the important issue seems to be make sure there is enough space all around the strider.
Making a Camera Part 2
Making a Camera Part 2
Beginners Guide to Triggers, Inputs and Outputs in Source
Triggers, Inputs and Outputs are an intricate part of adding interactivity to your levels
Remote Controlled Vehicle by Bud Doug Lee (180)
Create a remote control mechanism that applies to a vehicle.
Unpluggable TV
Creating the unpluggable TV, as seen in Half-Life 2.
Basic Vertex Editing - Part 1 (67)
This tutorial is on the Vertex edit tool. It attempts to show how to use this tool to manipulate brushes into different shapes.
The Arch Tool - Part 2 (74)
In this second tutorial on the Arch tool. In it we will look at how to make curved corners and coving in rooms.
AI_Goal _Lead (48)
This is a short simple tutorial outlining the steps you need to take to get an NPC to lead the player to a particular place.
Arch Tool
Creating an arch that fits in a square hole
Senji's Basic Lighting Tutorial (54)
This is a basic tutorial on lighting which I discovered on thread at Facepunch Forums. I liked it's simple straighforward four step approach to getting good basic lighting effects.
Creating a Skybox
Creating a Skybox
Dynamic Light
Introduction to the light_dynamic entity
NPC Scripting Basics
An introduction to scripted_sequences in Source.
Tunnels made with displacements by Zyx (98)
how I made the tunnels in my map
Texture Blending
How to blend two existing textures
Making Glass Start Out Broken
This tutorial will teach you how to make a func_breakable_surf start out broken when the map loads without the player doing anything to it.
Double Drawbridge (18)
Part 3 - This tutorial shows how to make a double drawbridge.
Making a Spawn in CS:Source
Making a Spawn and func_buyzone in CS:S
Light Tricks by Stadric (124)
Covers four different ways of making Volumetric Light and in part two shows how to create fake shadows.
Combine Shield
An intermediate tutorial, it will try to give as much step by step as possible, but assumes you have Basic knowledge like making a room, using an info_player_start, and putting in a light entity.
Simple Swinging Light
Simple Swinging Light
Making Props Show Up
Making Props Show Up
Zombie breaks through walls (106)
How to set up a zombie breaking through a wall, out of a cupboard and through metal panels (a bit like in the early coast level). I have tried to show a few ways of doing it using, and in the process illustrate a couple of ways of blowing up walls.
Relative Lighting by Bud Doug Lee (152)
This is an example using the undocumented info_lighting_relative entity. Its primary use seems to be to light a prop_dynamic or prop_physics in a situation where a normal lighting source will not fit, or where a special lighting effect is desired.
Zombie Breaks out of a cupboard (107)
In this and the last tutorial, I have tried to show how to set up a zombie breaking through walls: out of a cupboard and through metal panels
Moving Lasers (136)
This is a follow to Simple Lasers. It demonstrates how to link lasers to entities which move. Two ways are illustrated here and in 137 - a laser that goes up and down and one that revolves and moves to and fro at the same time.
AI-goal_follow (84)
This Tutorial covers some very basic stuff about env_global specifically the effect of the Gordon Pre-criminal setting in relation to NPC_Citizens following or not following the player.
Env_Fog_Controller by Zyx (89)
Draws a basic outside area with trees and fog, and suggests a couple of good sky and light environment combinations to get a good effect.
Detailing map brushes using XSI
How to use XSI to detail your world geometry
Logic Choreographed Scene (92)
This is a tutorial is the first on the logic_choreographed_scene.
CSS Hostage Rescue Video (69)
CSS hostage resuce
Movable objects
Movable objects
Soldiers Rappel from a Helicopter (68)
This tutorial shows a way of getting two Combine soldiers to Rappel from a helicopter.
An introduction to clipping.
*Clip clip* Learn it. Use it. Love it.
Rope Bridge by Chrome (135)
It makes a Rope Bridge that spans a gap of 256 and is 64 units wide. There are two examples one is breakable.
Electrified Water (199)
This is part two of the dangly wire/electrified water tutorial. It uses the set up in the last tutorial and only adds a water brush and a trigger_hurt brush, and a couple of adjustments to outputs.
Box Operated Button (159)
This is another PORTAL tutorial. This one is the basic circular door model with the button that you put the box on to open it.
Advanced Camera Techniques
Cycling between cameras, chase cameras, etc.
Faceposer Video Tutorial (Pt1) by Meathead (94)
This tutorial shows how to insert your own .wav file and get a model (GMan in this case) to mouth what you have recorded.
Blowing up a Combine Doorlock by Kennyist (210)
Made in Episode 1 config. Tutorial shows how to blow up doors with combine lock on.
Moving Background (81)
making a moving background map on the menu page of the game.
AI path Finding in HL2 by Bud Doug Lee (134)
AI path Finding in Half-Life 2
Mirror by PooLatka (105)
how to make a mirror
Construction of a Non_Playable Building (63)
I have taken the Hotel building from Trainstation and constructed it from scratch.
Friendly turrets
A basic application of the ai_relationship entity
Simple lights
Let you map have light! A tutorial that will give you a better idea of how simple lights are implemented into your maps and also the effects that they will have on the compiled product.
Scripted Sequences
Control NPC actions
Point_ViewControl - The Camera (53)
The PVC is a camera that you can have static or moving. It changes the players view from the player, to anywhere you like.
Lightmap Scale by #1Duck (183)
In this tutorial I will show you how to use lightmapscale to help make good, realistic looking shadows.(#1Duck)
3D Skyboxes
Want to make it look like your map is enormous without it actually being large? Read on!
You saw them, you want to make them...
3D Skybox
Making distant scenery
The Actbusy System
The actbusy system is used to make NPCs appear busy. NPCs do so on placed nodes and will act busy until certain conditions are met (such as hearing an explosion).
Three Switchable, Rotating Cameras (47)
This is an extension of the tutorial on cameras.
Displacement Domes
How to make the inside and outside of a dome using displacement surfaces
Citizens open door and enter room (205)
Tutorial showing how to get citizens (NPC's) to come through a door.
Gameplay Optimization
A trick for improving player movement through your single or multiplayer level. Touches on the proper use of prop_physics, player clips, and layout techniques.
Scoobs Movlinear Lift (38)
This tutorial on an alternative multi choice lift using func_movlinear instead of func_tracktrain.
Import Custom Textures
Import Custom Textures
Hammer Editor Tutorial #1 - How to start the Hammer Editor
We'll show everyone who wants to do a Map for HL2 or a different Mod
Reducing Vis Times
Reducing Vis Times
Rotating Light (132)
This tutorial shows how to make a simple rotating light. It's illustrated here as two lights on opposite sides of the fitting, but you can have one or three or more.
Faceposer Video Tutorial (Pt2) by Meathead (95)
Second Video tutorial showing how to get your creations into Half-Life2 by means of a logic_choreograpphed_scene.
Change Gman to a Model Citizen (206)
Making the Gman into a 'Model Citizen'
Climbing Zombie (23)
Illustrates how to make fast zombies climb. Also in here is a way of starting the map in cheat mode on map spawn.
Dropship drops Strider (66)
This tutorial shows how you get a Dropship to drop a Strider.
Snow (118)
This is a simple tutorial; how to make it snow. The standard brush env_precipitation does not really work, everything in it looks like rain. However env_embers is a good substitute.
Fixing Half-Life 2 and Portal Mods on SteamPipe: A Quick Guide
This article can help bring your older mods back to life on Steam pipe
Paste Special by Bud Doug Lee (146)
This example demonstrates how to build a 21 floor spiral staircase using the Paste Special function.
Pop-up Ground Turret by Chrome (125)
This was my first tutorial, for a pop up ground turret as seen in d3_c17_10b
Neon Lights by Bud Doug Lee (201)
This is a tutorial on Neon Signs, made by Bud Doug Lee. The VMF has three letter 'A' in red, that blink on one at a time, then all blink on and off.
Flares by Raidenator (104)
This tutorial was put together by Raidenator and shows how to make flares the player can pick up.
ai_relationship (88)
This is a tutorial on the ai_relationship entity. It will emerge in parts as I experiment with what works and what doesn't. In this tutorial we will look at how to get the npc_combine_s to ignore the player.
Making a working plug and combine generator
A tutorial covering how to make plugs that can be unplugged and plugged in over and over again, as well as learning how to use the combine power generator prefab.
Making a Dynamic Light
Making a Dynamic Light
The Core from Ep1 - by Maloof? (167)
This tutorial by Maloof?/Superbacon of the Facepunch Forums, covers the placement and basic animation of the Citadel Core from Halflife-2: Episode 1.
Introduction to the Particle Editor by Dylan Holcomb (196)
Put together by Dylan Holcomb, this helps you find your way around the new Particle Editor.
Moving Lasers Pt 2 (137)
This is the second tutorial on moving lasers. In this one the laser is in a round tunnel, it moves back and forward through the tunnel and revolves at the same time.
A Room (1)
This builds a BASIC ROOM takes you through making brushes, hollowing, placing the player, adding a light source and some basic texturing operations in Hammer
Clipping Vs. Carving
Cutting holes in things: which tool and why
Mounted Turret for Orange Box Games by Lord Ned (191)
Creating a Mounted gun, for Orange-box games and mods. (Ep2, etc)
A Corridor (6)
Create a simple corridor in hammer
Antlions Fly to designated point (34)
make antlions or other npc's assault / move to a place on the map
Curved Geometry along Curved Surfaces
Creating curved geometry using arches
Citizen guards area against Player by qwerty (147)
This was put together by qwerty who was trying to find a way to make the Citizen act like a metrocop guarding an area (ai_goal_police).
Leaks, Pointfiles, and You
Making a freight elevator with props
Practical Displacements
Practical Displacements
Brushwork The Vertex Tool (195)
This is just an illlustration of what can be achieved with creative brushwork, so you don't always have square or rectangular rooms in your map.
Func_Reflective_glass (Mirrors) by Namelezz! (171)
This is a short tutorial on the new func_reflective_glass and texture,
Breakable Padlock (87)
This tutorial shows how to make a breakable padlock, enabling access to a locked/padlocked area. This is the promised extension to the env_steam tutorial ( No: 51) and uses that VMF.
Seamless Skybox Fog
A short and sweet tutorial that shows a simple way to blend fog seamlessly into the horizon.
PORTAL Timer by Bud Doug Lee (173)
This is a timer put together by Bud Doug Lee for PORTAL. It is set up so that as soon as the map starts the timer counts down from 30 seconds to zero.
Iris Door (56)
This tutorial shows how to make an 'Iris' door.
How to make glass
A guide on the three diffrent types of glass the source engine is capable of
Realistic tunnels and caves
Shows you how to make a tunnel through the use of displacements
Creating doors
Cscanner drops mines (126)
A tutorial on how to get an npc_cscanner to equip itself with Combine Mines and drop them. The scanner uses Path Corners to guide it's movement.
Simple Ladders
Quick and Easy Working Ladders
Teleports (12)
This tutorial is about Teleports. The map shows four teleports, A to B then B to A.
Making a camera , Part 2
These cameras are working monitors that turn on when a button is pushed.
Making a Camera
Making a Camera
A Ladder (8)
In this series of tutorials we will take the room made in the first tutorial, duplicate it, and make a two level room.
First Source Room
In this tutorial i will show you how to create a basic room with a nice light and how to use the HDR effect in your maps.
Ant_Lions Spawn and Attack (33)
The following tutorial shows how to spawn antlions that attack you.
Dog Plays Ball (37)
This is how to recreate the dog/ball interchange that appears in Eli's lab in the game.
Destruction using the Clipping and Vertex tools
How to create destroyed holes realistically via the Clipping and Vertex Edit tools
Hammer Editor Tutorial #2 - Navigation (Part 1)
In this Tutorial we'll explain you how to navigate the Hammer Editor. You'll learn more about the functions of the Tools and the handling of the Editor.
Citizen Screams and Runs (36)
In this short tutorial we'll get a citizen to run from one side of the map to the other screaming.
A Guide to Lighting in Source - Part One
Part one of an In-depth tutorial covering the ins and outs of lighting in the Source Engine
Aiscripted_schedule (58)
This shows one way of using the aiscripted_schedule entity. We will create a group of combine, who will seek out and come after the player.
Creating caves using Displacements
Ever wondered how you can make caves like in Episode 2?
Lighting Basics
A guide to light ents for newbies
Zombie Slump Rise (155)
This one shows how to create the Zombie lying on the floor who gets up when you appear, 'Zombie Slumprise' I think.
Scripted Sequences (35)
In this tutorial I have tried to show how to set up scripted_sequences.
Making a Bomb Site in CS:Source
Making a Bomb Site in CS:Source
Spawn Item Button
This is a tutorial for how to spawn objects with a press of a button.
Hang 'Em High: phys_ballsocket
Hang 'Em High: phys_ballsocket
Combine Thumpers
Using them, and stopping them from kicking up dust
PrePlaced Portal by Namelezz! (194)
Early on in Portal, the Portal gun can only place one type of Portal, so the other will be present already. This tutorial originally by Namelezz! shows how to do this.
Radar locations in Counter-Strike: Source
Ever wanted to give areas in your map a name that'll show up under the radar, next to teamchat and that bots will refer to?
Introduction to Colour Correction
Set the mood of a scene easily using Source's in-game GUI colour correction editor.
Making a Rope/Cable
Making a Rope/Cable
Making a Breakable Window
Making a Breakable Window
Npc_Seagull (79)
how to get npc_seagull to spawn and to fly.
Mounted Guns
and why yours might not work
Manhack Attack 2 (14)
Part 2. Add manhacks to your level that are hostile towards the player
Cop Shoots Flare (128)
A short tutorial illustrating how to get an npc_metropolice to shoot a flare into the air.
Using the Nodraw Texture
Using the Nodraw Texture
Portal Wake Up - Bud Doug Lee (164)
PORTAL tutorial illustrating how to set up the wake up scene at the beginning of the game. It is similar to the scene where Gordon Wakes Up in HL2.
Citizens jump to follow player (26)
This tutorial shows how to get citizens to jump down, as in the d3_c17_04 level HL2.
This tutorial gives you a better idea of how some of those cool water effects in HL2 are created. It's surprisingly simple
Additive Triggers
Using Math_Counters To Trigger Single Events From Multiple Triggers
Simple Lifts (9)
Create a simple lift/elevator system for your maps
Antlion attack, when you are on the Sand (32)
This tutorial demonstrates some of the action in the Coast levels in the game.
Real Lift/Elevator (Eli's Lab) (93)
This is a tutorial on how to make a 'real' lift/elevator. This is the prop_dynamic model lift seen throughout the HL2 game, primarily in Eli's Lab.
Got Props?
The most common reason for props not showing up in the game
Displaying something, and plugged into the wall
Zogger's Lift (31)
It shows how to make a lift that will visit anyone of five floors, by pressing the appropriate button
Texture alignment through arches using displacement maps
Using displacement maps to preserve texture alignment around arches.
This tutorial covers the basics of gameflow, why it is important and how to achieve it.
Additive Outputs and Triggers (71)
It shows a good way of using a math_counter and triggers, to set off a number of events.
More Displacement Mapping
In this tutorial we will learn how to use the sew command with displacement mapping, as well as a few tips for easier dispacement mapping.
Water and Displacements (179)
Shows how to place water so it looks natural in a displacement area.
Make players start out with certain weapons
Make players start out with certain weapons.
Basic Displacement - by Raidenator (78)
This is a basic tutorial by Raidenator on how to create a displacement brush. These are the brushes that are used mainly for creating terrain.
Breakable Glass (11)
Add Breakable Glass to your level
CS_Militia-like Flowing Water
Moving water layer
Hanging from a Rope (174)
This tutorial shows how to hang something from a rope/cable. In this case it's a citizen - but the same principle applies to other models/entities.
Strider Weapons by YoMother (116)
This is a basic tutorial about how to get the Strider to fire the minigun and the cannon. The set up is straightforward, just a bit specialised for the demonstration VMF
Custom soundscapes
How to add custom sounds to Source maps
How to toggle console.
Alot of people have problems with opening their console.
Double Sliding Doors (122)
This is a tutorial showing how to make double sliding doors
Making it Rain or Snow
Making it Rain or Snow
Drawbridge (16)
Part 1 - This tutorial shows how to make a single drawbridge.
An easy little tutorial that teaches the user to create hinged objects. In this example, we'll be making shutters.
Env_Screenoverlay (114)
This tutorial will explore how to use the env_screenoverlay entity. This is used in the intro to HL2 with G-Man musing about calling on Gordon again. The tutorial covers just the basic stuff about how to make it work.
Stalker by Terrenteller (153)
This tutorial by Terrenteller shows how to spawn an npc_stalker by a button. The stalker walks across the room then disappears.
Setting a sky
This tutorial will describe how to set a sky different than the default one. At the end of the tutorial there is also a list of all the available skies as well as a link to a picture of them for reference.
Vehicle Pod (19)
Illustrates the use of func_tracktrain, path_track and the phys_ragdoll_constraint.
PORTAL: Two Button Door (169)
This is another PORTAL tutorial. This one is the basic circular door model this time with two buttons needed to open the doors.
Garage Door (113)
This tutorial shows how to build a garage door that opens up and over.
Random Locking and Unlocking Buttons and Doors (46)
This tutorial demonstrates the use of the logic_case and logic_timer entities.
Manhack Attack 1 (13)
Add manhacks to your level that are hostile towards the player
Combine Architecture
Doing Buildings and Models the Combine way of life.
Triggering a Sound
Triggering a Sound
Rappeling Cops (29)
This is a tutorial about rappeling. Cops and combines dropping out of the air to make life difficult for the player.
Scripted Sequence - Cops jump down. (90)
It shows how to get npc_metropolice to jump down off walls. (Level d1_canals_01a for example).
Door Explodes Upwards (50)
how to make a func_physbox explode upwards, and basically how to fling heavy objects into the air.
Friendly Floor Turrets (186)
Tutorial on how to set up Floor turrets to shoot at your enemies.
Real World Mapping by aazell (213)
This is a tutorial for creating an initial block map for an outdoor real world location.
Real Constructive: Hammer Geometry for Unreal Mappers
Real Constructive: Hammer Geometry for Unreal Mappers
Adding that touch of ambience to your Source maps
Crouch/Stand-off (176)
In HL2 City 17 - there's a scene where you and some rebels are trying to get through a combine gate.
Making a Rotating Door
Making a Rotating Door
Triggered door with button
Triggered door with button
Zipline (163)
The tutorial is one way of making a zipline.
Plug and Socket (25)
This tutorial shows how to make the plug that features a lot in the game.
Making Respawnable Entities
Making Respawnable Entities
Chucking Barrels (65)
Make combine NPCs hurl barrels at the player and fire at them
A Room with a Light (2)
Create a simple room with a light
Switchable Light (3)
In this tutorial we will take the room made in the last and put in two ways of turning the light on and off.
Remaking mini_dust2
A short story on a 1.6 to source conversion
Doors in HL2: The prop_door_rotating Entity
Doors in HL2: The prop_door_rotating Entity
Drawbridge Mechanisms (17)
Part 2 - In this Tutorial I have included two fake mechanisms.
Weapon entity
Weapon entity
Quick and easy rock formations
how to make rock structure from multiple displacements
Watery Death (141)
This shows how to construct a water area that kills the player. Obvious example is from Lost Coast - where if you venture into the water you see all these white leeches and you die fairly quickly.
3d Skybox 2 (102)
In this tutorial I will try to describe how to make a 3d skybox. See tutorial 100, here for the theory. The map I am making here is a bit like the SDK_3dskybox map, simple enough, but the principles apply to more complicated maps
How To make a ladder
How To make a ladder
Cop kicks door open (109)
I put a vmf in the 'Workshop' covering a few ways of making a cop kick down a door, but they were hacks really, so this is the real thing.
Respawning Entities (52)
The tutorial shows how you can respawn the func_physbox (which puts the map back to the start) by means of func_buttons.
Gordon Wakes up (43)
This tutorial illustrates how to recreate the effect of Gordon Freeman waking, then getting up.
List of Half-Life 2 and Counter-Strike Source skynames
List of Half-Life 2 and Counter-Strike Source skynames
Endless Trains (200)
This tutorial is another train oriented one. It shows how to make a couple of trains go from one tunnel to another, and after a short while they do it again endlessly.
Tiberium fuel by Bud doug Lee (184)
This tutorial shows how to 'fuel' an energy source.
Large Thumper (123)
This tutorial shows how to place a Thumper (The combine machine that scares the antlions) This is the version you can climb and switch on and off.
Weapon Pickups
A different way of doing it
The Clip Tool (60)
This tutorial is about the Clip tool.
Trigger Push (115)
This is an illustration of some of the things you can do with Trigger_push. Most of what you need to know is in the VMF as you can experience the effects there.
Portal Pits by Jamie Lea (157)
This is our first PORTAL tutorial. It shows how to make the Pits that appear throughout the game.
Subdivide tool
Shows you what you should use subdivide for
Placing weapons with ammo
How to place weapons with ammo in CS:S
Patrolling Cops and Combine by Lord Ned (130)
This tutorial shows how to make npc_metropolice and npc_combine_s patrol. It's based on ai_goal_actbusy and info_node_hint entities.
Counter-Strike Source and R_speeds
Counter-Strike Source and R_speeds
Make a button turn a light on and off
Emancipation Grill or Cleanser Portal by Dinonid (156)
This is another PORTAL tutorial. This shows how to make the 'Emancipation Grill' or Portal Cleanser, that removes the useful boxes, when you walk through.
Keypad Puzzle by Bud Doug Lee (193)
A keypad tutorial with a difference
Source physics
An introduction to Source physics
RazorTrain (42)
shows how the oncoming train in d2_coast-07 was put together.
Breen TV (45)
Create a TV with Breen talking on it
Breakable Glass Doors
Design realistically-breaking glass doors
Basic Water (10)
Create a basic water setup for your source level
A Jump Pad (182)
Wanted to make something like in Unreal tournament a bounce pad,
Rotating Door
How to make a simple door that swings open
Gunship Explodes (40)
This is a small tutorial demo, which has an npc_combinegunship flying around for a while and then exploding.
Phys PulleyConstraint (82)
This tutorial will try to explain how the phys_pulleyconstraint entity works.
Simple Lasers (127)
This is a tutorial on simple lasers using env_beam ). It looks at 'Trip' Lasers, that when you walk through make something happen and harmful lasers that hurt or kill the player.
Hammer Tutorial: The Basics
Learn how to install the Source SDK correctly and how to use Valve’s Hammer Editor
Looking at Non_Playable Buildings - MiniTut
a tutorial on how buildings that are not accessible to the player, but form an essential part of maps, were made, and were able to look so realistic.
The Rocket Turret (162)
This is a PORTAL tutorial. Shows how to construct the Rocket Gun - from a VMF by Bud Doug Lee.
A quick guide on how to make that really fantastic looking water from Half Life 2/Counter Strike.
Curved Pipes using Displacements by Nicadeamas (154)
Shows how to make an angled pipe using displacements.
Making a Rotating Fan
Making a Rotating Fan
Collapsing Ceiling
A Physics Collapsing Ceiling
Tire Swing
A tutorial on how to create a tire swing with physics and constraints
Environmental effects
Sun, rain, dust and fog
Dangling Sparky Wire (198)
illustrating a dangling electric wire
Absolute Beginners’ Guide to Source Mapping
Take your first steps into creating a map in Valve’s Source SDK.
Antlions Crash in (39)
This tutorial attempts to show how to make them come up through the floors.
The Tangled Web We Weave: Ropes in HL2
The Tangled Web We Weave: Ropes in HL2
Ai_Goal_police (86)
This is a basic tutorial about the ai_goal_police . This is basically an entity that when triggered forces a named npc_metropolice to guard a particular area in your map.
Rotating Door (4)
Create a simple setup with a door that rotates
Using the displacement feature
Using the displacement feature
Corridor and Doors (7)
This tutorial is a continuation of the fourth tutorial, we will take the rooms made there and join them with a corridor.
Making a Camera
This camera is good for when you join a map, it gives you a view of the map before you join a team
Cscanner as Trigger (20)
This tutorial is just another way of triggering something into action.
Make Your Source Maps Glow with Cubemaps and HDR
High Dynamic Range can help you add that warm glow to your creation.
Blow up a wall with an airstrike
Blow up a wall with an airstrike
Point_viewcontrol Part 2 (120)
This is a revision (April 2009) of the original tutorial which turned out inaccurate either because I'm dumb, or because of a change in the SDK. It's an addition to the tutorial (53) on the Point_viewcontrol entity.
Falloff Distances Keyvalue in the Light Entity (97)
This is a small tutorial demo, showing how to use the 50 percent falloff distance and 0 percent falloff distance in the light and light_spot entities.
Hammer Editor Tutorial #3 - First Room
In this Tutorial we will explain you how to create your first room. You will learn to place one light and a player start and something more. So you got a basic knowledge of building a map.
Attack waves
Learn how to use the npc_maker entity to create attack waves of enemies
Helicopter (30)
This is a basic tutorial about npc_helicopter
The 2D Skybox (57)
This is a tutorial on the 2-D skybox, which is the simpler of the two types of skybox in Hammer.
Exploding Gaspumps (111)
how to set up the exploding Gaspumps found in one of the coast levels.
Combine Shield (181)
How to construct one from scratch - though there is a prefab in Hammer.
Moving Floor (190)
This tutorial shows how to make a conveyor that transports the player - so a moving floor I guess. I will put up a tutorial on how to make one for transporting objects later.
Elapsed Time by Bud Doug Lee (192)
Elapsed Time by Bud Doug Lee
Finding and Repairing Leaks
Finding leaks in the new Hammer
Using A Logic_Case For Random Effect
Introduction to, and use of, a logic_case
Swing Doors (121)
This is a tutorial showing how to make swing doors.
Env_Soundscape by Mynameisme (96)
This is a tutorial on the env_soundscape entity, written by Mynameisme. It shows how to put in two different soundscapes and how they work in changing from one to another.
Making skybox trees and forests using detailtype keyword. (208)
Have you ever noticed that some 'grass' textures also have tall grass and weeds that show up in game?
Battery Puzzle (21)
It is the Battery Puzzle in HalfLife 2 where you have to get the batteries all hooked up.
Collapsing Ceiling - by Stadric (83)
You want to make a ceiling collapse, whether to let in combine soldiers or headcrabs, or just to block a route. In this tutorial, I'll be showing you the basics.
3d Skybox (100)
An intermediate tutorial, it will try to give as much step by step as possible, but assumes you have Basic knowledge like making a room, placing entities and texturing.
Simple terrain with displacement
This is a basic tutorial on displacement mapping
CSS Bomb Target video (70)
CSS Bomb target
The Tunnel Effect
Ever wanted to know how VALVe did the blinding light tunnel trick in Half-Life 2? Found out here.
Cylinder and Sphere using Displacement (131)
This tutorial shows the very simple way to make cylinders and spheres using displacements.
Using the Cordon Tool
An easy to use tool that makes life easier in many ways.
CSS Bomb Advance Tutorial by Meathead (77)
Following on from the bomb target tutorial - how to set Bomb advance in your CSS map with fire and sound. This is a VIDEO tutorial.
Moving Ladder (110)
This tutorial was written in response to a query on the Chatbear forum. Shadowofamn wanted to know how to make a ladder, like a fire escape, that slides down to ground level so you can use it.
Info_Node_Link (148)
This is a tutorial illustrating a use of the info_node_link. An entity that has a link to another info_nodethat can be turned on and off.
Stairs (27)
This is a tutorial about stairs.
Hanging Light (185)
How to make a hanging/swinging light fixture.
Sharp light from windows
You have an nice interior area of your map. You have a few opaque windows and you want to have them cast light into your map.
The Input/Output system
The input/output system for the Source engine is a very powerful tool, read on to learn its secrets
Strider movement using linked Info_node_air_hint (133)
This is fairly basic and does not require an extensive knowledge of Hammer.
Key to the door (91)
This is a tutorial showing two ways how to make a door that stays locked until the player has a 'key' to unlock it. Can be used with any sort of door. This tutorial will use a func_door , a func_rotating_door .
Respawning props - the hard way
How to make stuff respawn if the conventional ways fail.
Random Teleporter
A teleporter that goes to a random location
Escalator by Bud Doug Lee (139)
Shows how to make an escalator using the func_tracktrain.
Making a Ladder
Making a Ladder
Mapping Theory by Stadric (99)
This is part of a series of tutorials on making better maps through simple techniques. This isn't about performance, this is about style, read another tutorial to get higher frame rates.
Combine Assault (22)
This tutorial shows how to place and link, ai_goal_assault, assault_assaultpoint and assault_rallypoint.
Ai_goal_actbusy (55)
This tutorial is a basic guide to the ai_goal_actbusy entity.
PORTAL -Detachable Camera by Nero (161)
this is how you make the camera drop to the ground like in the singleplayer game.
New Glass
Need to make some good old fashioned glass in Source? Read on.
Hammer Editor Tutorial #2 - Navigation (Part 2)
In this Tutorial we'll explain you how to navigate the Hammer Editor. You'll learn more about the functions of the Tools and the handling of the Editor.
Displacement Surfaces 2 - Alpha Masking
Texture variation within a terrain surface
Physics in Source
How to get physics objects into your Source engine maps
Simple Camera (28)
This tutorial shows how to make a simple camera and project a scene onto a monitor.
The Arch Tool - Part 1 (73)
In this first tutorial on the Arch tool, we will make a tunnel, like those seen in HL2.
Level Changes in HL2
Getting it done despite the bugs
How to make breakable glass
How to make breakable glass
Displacement Surfaces 1 - The Basics
An introduction to terrain creation
Disguising the player as a combine by Treb_Treb (212)
Disguising the player as a combine by Treb_Treb
Decompiling BSP to VMF (59)
You are able to examine a VMF and pull out the bits you are interested in looking at, and learn how Valve used entities and how they relate to each other, to achieve certain effects.
Model based Prop_Door_Rotating (49)
In this tutorial we will build a room and divide it with a wall.
Input/Output tabs
little how-to on the new way to link entities
Basic Clipping
Using the 'Clipping' tool to cut holes
Ep2 Car and Radar (168)
This shows how to put the Episode 2 car in your map. It also shows how to set up the radar unit, and an example of using it.
Cordon Tools (103)
Cordon Tools in Hammer are useful for enclosing a map for compiling, if you don't have a skybox yet. Also useful for locating errors in a large map.
Placing a Sun in your map (138)
Looks at both way of putting a sun (env_sun) into your map.
Background Pictures (61)
This tutorial explains how to make a picture of your choice load up as the background picture on the ingame menu page.
Slide Out Stairs (203)
This is a set of stairs that slide out from a wall.
Troop Dropship (15)
This one looks at how you get a dropship to take troops to a particular location on a map.
CCTV Monitors (24)
create a CCTV style monitor that will display two different camera locations on one monitor toggled by a button.
Combine Dropship
Need to make a dropship fly in and drop off some combine soldiers?
Gravity (112)
This is a basic tutorial on how the Gravity function works. Put simply, to change the gravity the player must walk through a trigger_gravity brush.
Zombie breaks through metal panels (108)
In this and the last two tutorials, I have tried to show how to set up a zombie breaking through walls: out of a cupboard and through metal panels
Making Maps Realistic by #1Duck (177)
Making Maps Realistic
Expert Compile Setup
Configure advanced compile to run with extra parameters etc.
Making Water
Making Water

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