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Material Creation

Name / Description
Learn To Make Normal Maps
In this tutorial you will learn how to create and implent normal maps into your custom source engine textures. Normal maps are textures that make your original texture look 3d.
Creating alpha blending textures.
How to create an alpha blending texture.
The Source Spraylogo Tutorial - Creating a Static Spray With Transparency
Our second tutorial is creating a static spray with transparency.
Placing Custom Images into a VGUI Menu
This tutorial walks you through creating a material with transparency and then placing it into VGUI menu.
The Source Spraylogo Tutorial - Creating Animated Sprays
Creating Animated Sprays
Converting textures with Paint.Net by Last.Exile (211)
How to create textures with Paint .NET and notepad.
Using GIMP to make self illuminating textures (209)
Using GIMP to make self illuminating textures
Creating blend textures for Displacements
How to painlessly make functional blend textures.
Custom Decals with Alpha Maps
Creating your own decals
How to Create Custom Textures for the Source Engine
This tutorial will show you how to create custom textures for use in creating maps for the Source engine
Using GIMP to turn a photograph into a texture with transparency (207)
If I can find a photograph of something similar, it's fairly straightforward to turn it into a texture file.
Transparent Textures Video by YoMother (129)
How to make a transparent texture.
Drax's Photoshop Tutorial - Pixel Stretch Signatures (76)
how to make a signature for a forum, using pixel stretch technique to give a blurred matching background.
Custom particles in maps & spritesheet VTFs
Custom particles in maps & spritesheet VTFs
The Source Spraylogo Tutorial - Introduction
What are source spraylogos? Spraylogos are images you can place on most surfaces in source multiplayer games with the exception of models.
Your world in HL2
This article gives tips and advice to anyone wanting to make custom photorealistic textures to be used in Half-Life 2.
Where is it and how do I make one?
Texture Basics (64)
This is the first of a series of texturing tutorials from Gronblad, and covers making a texture, and converting it for use in Hammer and HalfLife 2
Specular Bumpmapping with the Source Engine
Some hints for you to manage bumpmapping with your custom textures
Animated Textures by Yomother (101)
how to make an animated texture work for you in Half-Life. You will need these programs: Photoshop and VTFEdit
Customizing/Merging HL2 textures (Fireworks MX)
Merge HL2 textures to create new ones.
Model Skins - MiniTut
This tutorial is a small introduction to skins.
Converting Wads to HL2
Convert those old wads to HL2
Extracting and editing a source texture by #1Duck (142)
how to extract a texture from the game, and then edit it.
The Source Spraylogo Tutorial - Pixelated Sprite Sprays
Pixelated Sprite Sprays
Adding Effects to Source Textures
From bump mapping to phong shading - This tutorial covers a large number of texture effects. Look inside to discover how to give your textures an extra special touch.
The Source Spraylogo Tutorial - Creating a Fading Spray
Creating a Fading Spray
Custom Textures in HL2 and CS:S
Learn how to use custom textures in HL2 and CS:S.
Blending Textures by Stadric (144)
This shows you how to make a blend texture for use on displacements and was created by Stadric.
Drax's Photoshop Tutorial - User Bars (75)
how to make those User Bars often seen on Forums.
Water Textures by Stadric
Visible representation of water textures
Specular Bumpmapping for Textures in Source by Stadric (143)
This tutorial fom Stadric shows how to make textures look more realistic with depth and texture, by specular bumpmapping.
The Source Spraylogo Tutorial - Creating a Static Spray
Our first tutorial is creating a static spray with no transparency.
Basic Re-Skin (62)
This tutorial will cover the basics of reskinning a model for Hammer and HalfLife2.
Custom Textures
Custom Textures
Create a Spray Decal by Bud Doug Lee (145)
Tutorial on making a spray decal that contains a full range of transparency, such as text or graffiti like used in HL2.
Creating transparent textures
a pretty simple tutorial on making transparent textures
Texture file formats
Guide for texture artists - creating material textures for source
Surface Materials by Gronblad
Surface Materials for Source
Source Custom Materials
This covers creation of custom textures in the Source engine