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Name / Description
Mario's Guide to Ragdolling
Gmod Ragdolling with 3dmax
Adding an HL2 Custom Sequence
How to add a custom sequence to an existing model
Creating a 'prop_physics entity'
I will guide you through the creation of a prop_physics entity, which may also be used as a prop_static entity.
Quick compilation of QC files using the Explorer 'Send To' dropdown dialog
If you want to quickly compile a model by just right clicking on the QC and selecting an option to compile it, then you're in the right place!
Rescaling Prop Models
You can't use Model Viewer to do it anymore. This covers rescaling prop models for Source.
Adding Extra Skins to Existing Models
Describes how to add extra skins to existing compiled models in the Source engine
Source Modelling Setup
Configuring XSI and using the SDK tools
Source Model Compile/Decompile Flowchart
A quick reference for source model compiling and decompiling. Includes links.
HL2 Model List
A full listing of HL2 models by directory
First XSI Model
Guides you through creating your first Source mode in XSI.
Writing a basic QC file
This is not a tutorial of such, more of a reference and is only an introduction to the QC file.
Animating Models
Rigging and animation for Source models, using XSI.
Custom Props Part 1
Modelling in Milkshape
TF2 Custom Eyes in 3DS Max
Creating custom eyes in 3DSMAX for TF2
TF2 Facial Morphs in 3DS Max
How to work with TF2 facial morphs in 3DSMAX
Modeling: Getting Started with XSI
Get everything set up for your first model!
How to make a prop in XSI for HL2
How to construct a prop in XSI, texture it, export it & compile to .mdl format and put in-game!
There are two reasons to use attachments. The first was touched on in the Point_Viewcontrol tutorial here, where you can set the PVC to always point at a particular feature on an NPC, Alyx's eyes in the tutorial.
SoftImage - Creating You First Character
Here is how to create your first character in SOFTIMAGE|XSI.
Creating and compiling basic models
Getting started
Introduction to the Half-Life Model Viewer (HLMV)
In this tutorial i will explain to the best of my knowledge how to use HLMV for viewing and editing models
Digital Tutors - Softimage 7.5 Training
Training kit originally provided for free by Digital Tutors and Autodesk to train those learning Sodtimage XSI
SoftImage - Moving Around the Viewports
This is a short article describing the 2 options for moving around the viewports.