Name / Description
Implementation of a string lookup table
A string lookup table is a set of functions that is used to convert strings to pre-defined values
Add Far Clipping/Fading to Particles
This will let you optionally set far clipping/fading on particles, so you can fade particles out at a certain distance from you.
Adding Single-Player Weapons to Half-Life 2
The purpose of this article is to help you add the code for new weapons to your Half-Life 2 mod.
Static Ragdolls
Ragdolls attached to their spawnpoint by a ragdoll constraint
3 State Zoom For Any Weapon
I missed the zooming feature of the 357 that was in HL1 so I thought as a beginner tutorial I'd write a weapon zooming lesson. I then carried it out to a 3-stage zoom.
An Exploration Of Weapon_RPG: Part 1A
A fully documented exploration into the weapon_rpg class, starting with the basecombatweapon class and moving up the inheritance stack. The first part of the article disects basecombatweapon_shared.
Coding a Mod by Lord Ned (188)
You wanna make a mod? This tutorial focuses on the behind the scenes aspect, and less on the content.
Fix MP Grenade Auto-Switching
A basic fix for stopping the grenade from auto-switching to the next best weapon after you throw one. Also allows more than one grenade to be thrown.
An Exploration Of Weapon_RPG: Part 1B
A fully documented exploration into the weapon_rpg class, starting with the basecombatweapon class and moving up the inheritance stack. The first part of the article disects basecombatweapon_shared.
Setting up Visual Studio .net 2005 Beta C++ for Source
This is a quick and painless Artical on how to setup Visual Studio .net 2005 Beta, for use with Source Mods.
Debugging your half-life 2 mod
I go through both methods for debugging your modification
Game Movement Series #2: Analog Jumping and Floating
How to set up analog jumping (the longer you hold jump, the higher you go) and floating (pressing jump as you are falling decelerates your fall)
Making Your HL2DM Mod a Perfect Clone of HL2DM
This article let's you know how to setup your HL2DM mod to be exactly like HL2DM.
Adding explosion to the Xbow bolt
Remember HL1's cross bow bolt exploded when it hit? Get that, in HL2.
Third Person Camera Upgrades
Collision check, translucency
Adding Simple Pick up in Multiplayer
allows players to pick up objects with +use in multiplayer.
Enabling Spectator Mode
How to get spectator mode working. Based on HL2MP SDK
Adding Muting to your Scoreboard
A Small tutorial that explains how to put in simple muting on your scoreboard.
Display player bounding box
Adds a console command to output the players bounding box mins & maxs to the console, and also draw's the bounding box in the world.
Game Movement Series #1: Wall jumping
How to setup wall jumping in half-life 2
Explanation on handling VGUI without having a connection to a game.
Setting up a basic scoreboard (with teams!) in the HL2 FROM SCRATCH MP SDK
Making Bots Join A Team
Make the bots join whichever team you wish. So easy, even I can do it!
Super Phys Cannon Impulse
Get blue phys cannon with impulse 12
Coding a flashlight to secondary attack by Lord Ned (189)
Changing a weapon's secondary fire to toggling the flashlight
Storing weapons on ladder
like Raven Shield or BF2
How to add Ammocrates for missing ammo type and/or create new ammo types
This tutorial will cover the code needed to add Slams and SGM1 Grenades as Ammocrate types, and also fix the graphics for two of the existing ones.
More 3rd Person Camera Upgrades
This is an update to chrono's snippet.
Attaching VGUIScreens to viewmodels
An article explaining how to attach dynamic vguiscreens to a weapons viewmodel
Smoke Grenade
Change the frag grenade in MP HL to a smoke grenade
Three Firing Modes for Pistol
Explains how to create 3 firing modes for the pistol: semi-automatic, burst-fire, and fully-automatic.
3rd person View in Multiplayer
How to enable it in HL2DM

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